Thursday, 13 August 2015

Doncaster Rovers 1 v Leeds United 1 - Capital One Cup R1 - Rovers won on pens AET

Thursday 13th August 2015
Capital One Cup (Football League Cup) Round 1
at the Keepmoat Stadium
Doncaster Rovers (1) 1 (Andy Williams 31)
Leeds United (1) 1 (Lewis Cook 14)
Admission £15. Programme £3 (I didn't buy one)
Attendance 8.361
Donny Rovers won 4-2 on penalties
An enjoyable Yorkshire derby, in the pouring rain at the home of Donny Rovers.
I'll spare you too much of my rambling on about this one, because I used up most of my word limit for this week at the Worksop Town v Clipstone game last night.
And you can watch the goal highlights for yourselves by clicking this link:
I was sat opposite the cameras, just to the left of the half way line as you look at it... wearing a powder blue cagoule and a Heart of Midlothian baseball cap; so if the camera pans across that way for one of the fleeting moments that the tw@t in front of me was actually sat down, you will be able to recognise yours truly in future and justifiably throw abuse my way the irresponsible manner in which I have dragged football blogging down, to an all new depths of depraved and illiterate crap this season.
If you look really closely, the former Leeds United player Peter Lorimer is sat a few seats along from me; not that I am one to namedrop, as I was only saying to Cheryl Baker out of Bucks Fizz, Freddie Trueman's cousin (twice removed) and that one from the Nolan Sisters with darker hair than the others, in Valerie Singleton's brothers pub earlier this evening.
While we're on the subject of Leeds United, I'm old enough to remember a time when all of their squad were instantly recognisable household names, I didn't have a clue who any of this lot were tonight.
It is only 15 to 20 minutes down the A1 from the Keepmoat to my house on a clear night, but I am still up at nearly midnight, because having made good my escape at full time and circumnavigated the police snatch squads, who were bashing young Leeds fans about with truncheons on the road towards the town centre for staying up past their bedtime, while some kids from Donny on the opposite pavement looked on at the scene, as though they would rather be somewhere else, at that precise moment in time, anywhere else actually, when my motor conveyance decided it was having an early night and decided to offload it's alternator belt, just as I accelerated and careered head on towards a gap in between some lorries that were trundling along next to the A1 entry slip road with no intention whatsoever of shifting into the other lane.
It's a good job that I work part time as a rapid response escape driver and stunt man!
Oh well, nobody got hurt, that's the main thing.
Well, not until I get the estimate from the garage in the morning.
The road traffic policeman said that I had been very lucky under the circumstances. Yes mate, I must say it is times like this that make me wake up every ****ing morning and count my blessings!
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Donny had far more chances than Leeds, particularly in the second half of normal time. Unfortunately for the Rovers, Curtis Main took the responsibility for several goal attempts in extra time, which must be quite scary when you've got kids sat with you behind the goal.
When I eventually got back to Retford I found a football in my back garden, it look remarkably similar to the one that Chris Wood had lashed wildly over the Rovers bar in the penalty shoot out.
Top marks to both sets of fans for turning out on such a crap night and at least trying to generate a great atmosphere.
I heard told on the car radio before 'old unreliable' conked out on me, that there had been a giant killing at the Keepmoat tonight. With all due respect to Leeds United, they have got some way to go until they can be called giants again.
Though it must be said, the way that their fans got behind them tonight was Premier class.
Doncaster Rovers now face Ipswich Town at home in the next round, while their south Yorkshire neighbours Sheffield Wednesday who beat Mansfield Town Reserves on Tuesday night have a home tie against Oxford United.