Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Maltby Main 3 v Cleethorpes Town 0 - NCEL Prem

Tonight's game was initially a sombre occasion for Maltby Main Football Club and probably couldn't have come at a worse time for the first team manager Spencer Fearn, whose father sadly passed away yesterday.
All of our thoughts are with you Spen mate and if you need anything doing, anything at all, just shout up.
You've got enough on your plate at present and there are plenty of willing and able bodies around, who wouldn't hesitate to share the burden of all of the jobs that you do at and for the club.
Rest in Peace - Roger Fearn
A minute's applause in memory of and by way of tribute to Mr Roger Fearn, was observed prior to the game.
The Cleethorpes travelling support deserve a mention for the respectful way that they responded to the nights events and the circumstances that surrounded them.
The mutual respect shared between the two clubs on many levels tonight, was a credit to all concerned as the NCEL non league football family shared each others grief and triumphs.
Upon arrival at the ground, Cleethorpes Town were presented with a specially made cake, baked by the Maltby Main Welfare Officer, Donna Fielding, to mark their achievement of having reached Wembley in the FA Vase Final.
It was a honour to be involved in tonight's inter club friendship, which carried on via social media until well after my bed time. 
I hope that the camaraderie went some way towards offering a small amount of comfort to the Maltby Main manager.
Incidentally, Darrell on the right hand side of the cake picture, really is that big, so bear that in mind if you're ever tempted to visit Muglet Lane and chuck you're weight about. 
It's a one for all, all for one kind of club.
The kitchen minions.
Wednesday 29th march 2017
Toolstation NCEL Premier Division
at Muglet Lane, Maltby, S66 7JQ
Maltby Main (2) 3
Ryan Carroll 10
Steve Hopewell 38
Keegan Burton 48
Cleethorpes Town (0) 0
Admission £5. Programme £1.50. Attendance 141
I'm going to Wem-ber-lee.,, via the train from East Retford upon Idle, on Sunday May 21st, to back Cleethorpes Town in their bid to win the FA Vase against South Shields of the Northern League, on 'Non League Finals Day'.
Whatever will be, will be n' all that.
I'll also be watching Macclesfield Town v York City, who will be vying for the FA Trophy, later the same afternoon.
Apparently, the 12.15pm and 4.15pm staggered kick off times aren't to everybody's liking, but you can't please all of the people, all of the time and if this event is to stay based at Wembley, then I don't actually see what the F.A. could've done any differently.
I'm sure that the majority of players taking part in the final(s) would rather play on the Wembley turf than at any other neutral venue... but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
This humble scribe always enjoys the 'Wembley experience' and I look forward to going back there, time after time.
Tonight's game, will have been an ideal Vase Final preparation for Cleethorpes, given the remarkable similarities between the luxurious facilities and pristine playing surface at he national stadium and the unrivaled comforts afforded to visiting teams and their supporters at Muglet Lane.
The food and drink is much cheaper here though... in fact, I might make myself a bait box up from the tea hut at the Miners last home game of the season, for sustenance, on my 'big game hunting' trip.
Keeping the 141 spectators fed and watered.
What a phuckin' horrible paint scheme though.
The last time that these two sides met, back in September, 'Clee' triumphed 4-0 at their Bradley Road 'home', where they will continue to play, until their proposed future move to the Linden Holmes Club; once it has a NCEL (or indeed a Northern Premier League) ground grading certificate.
'Fortress Maltby', hasn't been a particularly happy hunting ground for the clubs with title aspirations recently, Pickering Town and Bridlington Town both had to be content with a point apiece from closely contested draws against Spencer Fearn's resilient team of all the talents.
No doubt, tonight's result will have sent seismic shock-waves across the whole of the territory covered by the NCEL, but anybody who has watched the Miners in action recently wouldn't have been surprised that they didn't actually lose tonight; but the margin of victory and, in particular, the quality of the finishing for all three goals was something of a (massive) pleasant surprise, for anyone who has the best interests of Maltby Main FC at heart.
Fortress Maltby
It has been apparent for a while, with the way that things have been progressing, someone was going to get a good hiding any time soon, but to actually win so convincingly against the league leaders... that was something special.
On current form, the Miners wouldn't have kicked off tonight languishing in sixteenth place in the table, if they could have sustained a similar run of results earlier in the season, but 'que sera'.
There is a genuine feelgood factor and togetherness around the club at the moment, with some genuinely exciting developments and plans heading towards fruition, being worked towards at a fair old rate of knots behind the scenes. And, if the squad that is being assembled on the pitch during this transitional phase all stay on board. then I boldly predict a top half finish for Maltby next season.
Sustainable growth is the name of the game.
The first opportunity of the night fell to Steve Hopewell, who drilled the ball narrowly over the visitors bar from long range.
Clearly a shoot on sight policy was order of the day, as Hopewell nudged the ball to Ryan Carroll in the tenth minute, on the edge of the Owls area, and he spanked it past Miles Fenty and into the bottom right hand corner.
Keegan Burton won possession of the ball just inside the visitors half and fed it forward to Hopewell, whose thirty five yard pile-driver, skimmed along the wet surface and caused problems for Fenty who managed to hold onto the slippery ball at the second attempt.
Wit woo! Another excuse to photograph the lovely Mrs Patterson
The visitors dusted themselves down and responded to the early doors invasion of Maltby's shock troops and caused the Miners defence a few problems.
Danny Rusling made his first save of the match when Luke Mascall pinged in a shot from twenty five yards from out on the left, but the Maltby keeper got behind it and held onto the ball.
Moments later, 
Brody Robertson headed just wide of the upright, as the champions elect built up a head of steam and moments later Jon Oglesby played who long pass towards Robertson, who nicked it over Rusling on the edge of the area, but could only lookon as the ball ran out of play, on  the wrong side of the right hand upright.
Robertson went to ground just outside the Maltby area, under a challenge from Richard Adams.
It was an ideal range for Alex Flett to have a go from, but he shot straight at the Miners wall.
The tide began to turn again and Josh Nodder played a low sweeping pass forward for Keegan Burton to run onto, but Fenty ran from his area to meet the ball first and avert the impending danger.
The visitors were quite direct at times, but that kind of stuff is the staple diet of Adams, Dean Smith and Joe Austin, while Reece Wesley stood firm against of Flett and Liam Dickens as they attempted to get the Owls going from the middle of the park.
Jordan Snodin and Shawn Mitchell, teamed up with Josh Nodder to assert themselves in the heart of territorial battle for midfield, which is where the supply line came from for the runners up front.
Mitchell fought (almost literally) his way past three challenges and linked up with Carroll, but Matt Coleman put his foot through the ball as the Maltby striker was about to shoot.
Right on cue, as the noisy Cleethorpes Town travelling support were singing the praises of their excellent left back Peter Winn, Carroll dragged the ball down and 'megged' him, before playing the ball forward to Burton who had strayed offside.
Robertson fell over Dean Smith's foot, but Dickens only found the Maltby wall with the resulting free kick again.
Moments later, Dickens showed his frustration with a challenge on Nodder than earned him a booking and sparked a momentary 'argument' between several players from both teams. The linesman called the referee across and subsequently Smith was booked too, for his alleged part in the aftermath, though I would suggest that it might have actually been a.n.other Maltby player of a similar staure, but who plys his trade at the opposite end of the pitch to Smith, who the referee really should have been talking to. 
But I'm not a grass, so moving swiftly on.
Amazing.They have been here ten minutes and their battle
bus isn't stood on bricks yet and still has all of it's windows.
Maltby must be going soft!
In the thirty eighth minute, Steve Hopewell picked up the ball from a misplaced clearance, motored forward and unleashed an unstoppable shot past Fenty that the Owls keeper could do very little about.
Liam Dickens tried his luck from outside the Miners area, but Smith got his foot in and turned the ball around the post.
Maltby cleared heir lines from the corner and Wesley released Burton with a long ball forward, but Fenty came ten yards out of his area to get rid of the ball.
Moments later, Fenty denied Burton again, when  he pulled of a great save to deny the youngster with his fingertips and as the ball spun away it was just out of reach of both Burton and Hopewell.
On the stroke of half time, Carroll, Nodder, Burton and Hopewell combined to open up the Owls defence and as Fenty got to the ball he appeared to topple Hopewell too as he came into contact with his ankle, but the referee didn't think it was a penalty and to be honest, opinion was divided among the Maltby fans directly behind the goal too.
Yes eagle eyed readers, that is the 'Fiery' Fred Trueman
near the bottom of the second column. The late, great
cricketer is was a Maltby lad and played football here.
The second half was just three minutes old when an attempted clearance from Hopewell's ball into the area fell into the path of Burton and he took it down under control. carried it forward four steps and coolly picked his spot and planted the ball past Fenty like a seasoned pro.
Maltby had switched their shape for the second half and were determined not to sacrifice the advantage they had built up.
Cleethorpes weren't down on the canvas yet, but they had lost their gumshield and were taking a standing count.
Things nearly went from bad to worse for the Owls, when Burton broke forward straight through the middle of their defence and lobbed the ball over Fenty but also cleared the bar.
Fenty as called on again to play the sweeper role as Carroll homed in towards his goal.
Peter Winn cut in from the left flank but his shot across the goal went wide of the right hand post.
Substitutions and another tweak to the home side's system broke up the flow of the game, which was definitely a good thing for the home side as Cleethorpes began to commit numbers forward to chase the game.
With Smith having put everything into a battling display at the back, he was rested, while an eager to please Callum Cheetham came on from the bench to drop into the hole between midfield and what was by now effectively and effective a back three of Adams, Wesley and Austin.
Shawn Mitchell who had run himself into a standstill in the pivotal battle with the Owls midfield, alongside Snodin and Nodder who had both stuck to their desiginated tasks well, was replaced by his brother Craig.
Spencer Fearn had even more tinkering to do when Austin took a knock and had to go of, but he shuffled his pack again and sent substitute Josh Hemingway on into midfield.
Fenty, once again dashed from  his area to clear from Nodder, as Maltby congested the midfield and took it in turns to be the solo runner towards the Owls goal.
Cleethorpes threw everything at the home side as they tried to find a way of salvaging something from the wreckage, but while Maltby experienced a final ten minutes, that in truth probably gave them a taste of what Londoners must have gone through when the Luftwaffe turned up mob handed.
Marc Cooper clipped a good chance over the bar, Rusling was called into action several times, but Maltby toughed it out and refused to be overrun.
Throughout the team, the togetherness, hard graft, determination, some stunning finishing in front of goal... and above all a desire to give their manager a performance to be proud of at this difficult time, saw Maltby through and they deservedly claimed the three points.
FT: Maltby Main 3 v Cleethorpes Town 0
As they left Muglet Lane empty handed, the visitors are still two points ahead at the top of the table with three games in hand and have a FA Vase Final and a Lincolnshire County Cup Final (at Lincoln City FC) to look forward to.
But tonight, they ran into Maltby Main, on a night when the level of team spirit, nee club spirit, was off the scale, as everybody dug in deep and did itfor Spencer Fearn.
Never mind the so called 'Big Society' that the Government speak of... this is the 'Maltby Society' and the words: "We're all in it together!" genuinely mean something here.
Good luck to Cleethorpes Town in their quest for the treble this season.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Handsworth Parramore 1 v Thackley 0 - NCEL Prem

Tuesday 28th March 2017
Toolstation NCEL Premier Division
at the Windsor Fodservice Stadium
Handsworth Parramore (0) 1
Will Eades 51
Thackley (0) 0
Admission £5. Programme £1.50.
Attendance 111
Steve Smith deep in pre-match conversation
 with an Egyptian river hairstyle model.
In which fifth placed Handsworth Parramore, having lost their last three games (against Clipstone at home, followed by defeats on road at Bridlington Town and Cleethorpes Town), got back to winning ways against Thackley, who started (and finished) the night in fourth, having picked up a 4-1 away win at Harrogate Railway Athletic and a 4-0 win at Dennyfield against struggling Armthorpe Welfare, in their previous two outings.
The Dennyboys, have now played in the top flight of the NCEL for an unbroken run of 35 years, since it's formation in 1982, when the Midlands Counties League merged with the Yorkshire League.
I don't reckon that they like change very much in Bradford.
Welcome to Handsworth! The Stainrod stare
Tonight's game was very much the domain of two uncompromising defences, of which Handsworth's contained thee players under the age of twenty.
Both sides have probably been involved in several more entertaining games than this one over the course of the season, but as their respective league positions and points totals suggest, this was a classic case of two evenly matched sides cancelling each other out all over the park.
Mike Garrod hooked a speculative effort over the Ambers bar from outside the area inside the first minute, which set the tone for the night as regards off target shooting... I'm glad that I wasn't stood ten yards to the side of either goal.
Aarom Moxam fed the ball wide to Danny Buttle who charged forward into the left hand side of the visitors box, but he dragged his shot wide of the right hand post.
Joe Thornton advanced forward through the right hand channel, but Luke Wilson came off his line and saved with his feet and as the ball bounced away sharply Buttle was unable to add a finishing touch as Jerry White struggled to clear his lines.
Ryan Farrell went down in the Parras goalmouth under a firm tackle by Harry Bamforth, but the referee, Paul Buck saw nothing wrong in it and waved for play to go on.
Farrell combined with George Eustance, but as the home defence made hard work of clearing their lines, Gary Stevens saved well fromthe Dennyboys number eleven.
Will Eades throw in found Moxam, who laid the ball off to Buttle, but having done the hard bit the Handsworth left winger hooked his cross behind. 
Skiving off while their pals take the warm up
Buttle broke away on the left again and dropped an inviting cross towarrds the Thackley penalty spot, that Bamforth met with a looping header, but Wilson claimed the ball.
Thackley had a half chance, when a loose ball fell to Dan Broadbent, who thumped his shot into the night sky.
The rain that had been forecast to arrive as 'light showers' was by now absolutely tipping down,
Stevens sprinted from his area to beat Farrell to the ball, but Thackley picked up possession from the clearance and Kris Hargreaves got in behind the Ambers defence down the left flank, but drilled his low cross cum shot into the side netting.
The home side played crosses in from Buttle on the left and Ryan Hands out on the right but the Dennyboys defence was standing firm.
Bamforth delivered an inch perfect left winger corner onto the visitors goal line that only needed a decent knock, but Thornton was leaning backwards and turned the ball over. That was the closest that either side had come to breaking the deadlock yet.
Jack McCarthy either has a doppelganger, or he was getting involved in most things that Handsworth were trying, all over the pitch... and Reece Hands was covering a lot of ground across the width of the midfield too.
Richard Tootle, who had been instrumental in keeping Buttle, the Ambers main attacking threat during the first half provided with ammunition, linked up again with the left winger, who knocked the ball inside to Stephen Warne and he in turn rode a challenge and nudged the ball forward to Bamforth, who, in spite of having his back to goal fed the ball to Moxam ten yards from goal, but White put in a last ditch challenge to prevent the prolific marksman from getting his shot away.
Right on the stroke of half time, Broadbent spent an eternity in cuing up a free kick, but ended up belting the ball wide, horribly wide!
A booming voice resonated from behind the goal: "Well that was a ****ing waste of everybody's time wasn't it!?". Harsh, unkind, but probably 100% accurate too.
HT: Ambers 0 v Dennyboys 0
Kris Hargreaves, who was enjoying some banter with the home fans in the seats, picked out Eustance with a long throw down the left flank, who whipped a quick cross in towards Broadbent, but Stuart Ludlam got to the ball quickest and shielded it from the Thackley forward, so that Stevens could clear the danger, with a lofty kickback towards the visitors half.
Six minutes after the restart, Bamforth hooked a free kick into the goal area, Will Eades went shoulder to shoulder with a defender and headed home what proved to be the only goal of the game.
If anybody had thought that Eades strike to break the deadlock, would now open the floodgate, then they were about to be  disappointed. Because if the first half was thirsting for a bit more int he way of clear cut chances, then the second was suffering from an out and out drought.
Broadbent had another chance to puncture the Ambers defence with a free kick. This time he was on target... if he was aiming for Eades in the defence wall and another dead ball opportunity for the visitors amounted to nothing.
Hargreaves crossed from the left towards Broadbent, but I have seen the visitors number ten play much better than he did tonight and once again he scuffed his shot off target from eighteen yards.
When you're making all of the right runs and getting into goal scoring positions, but keep missing, you just have to roll your sleeves up and keep believing in yourself. Once one goes in, the trickle will become a flood again.
Moxam had a goal ruled out for offside, before the same player linked up well with Warne to cut straight through the heart of the visitors defence, before the latter nodded the ball inches past of the left hand post.
Eades worked his way into the heart of the crowd in front of Thackley's goal again and headed wide from Bamforth's left wing corner.
Paul Whiteley went close to grabbing an equaliser, but his shot from twelve yards deflected wide and when Pat McQuire picked out Hargreaves from the resulting corner, he planted his header over the bar. 
Handsworth could've given the finishing scoreline a coat of gloss, when Hands dinked the ball forward into the path of Thornton, but Wilson bravely claimed the ball at his feet.
And that was that.
FT: Handsworth Parramore 1 v Thackley 0
Handsworth entertain second placed Pickering on Saturday, while Thackley are on the road again to Staveley. 
Table topping Cleethorpes Town are at Maltby Main tomorrow night, I know that you won't want to miss that one.
Right Said Fred have let themselves go a bit

Monday, 27 March 2017

Forthcoming games... March, April & May 2017

March 2017:
Tue 28 Mar - Handsworth Parramore v Thackley - NCEL Prem - 7.45pm
Wed 29 Mar - Maltby Main v Cleethorpes Town - NCEL Prem - 7.45pm
Thu 30 Mar - Swallownest v Retford United - WVH NMU19L - 7.45pm
Fri 31 Mar - Chesterfield v Mansfield Town - EFLYA U18 - 12 Noon at the Proact Stadium
Sat 1 Apr - Ipswich Town v Birmingham City - EFL Championship - 3pm
Sun 2 Apr - Clifton v Mansfield Town Dev - Notts Ladies League 10.30am
Sun 2 Apr -Arnold Town v Mansfield Town - East Mids Ladies League - 2pm
Tue 4 Apr - Handsworth Parramore v Frickley Athletic - Sheff & Hallam Cup SF - 7.45pm
or Retford v Sherwood Colliery - CMFL Floodlit Cup Final - 7.45pm at Rainworth MWFC
Wed 5 Apr - Brigg Town v Penistone Church - NCEL Div 1 - 7.45pm
Thu 6 Apr - Retford United v Espial - WVH NMU19L - 7.45pm
Sat 8 Apr - Scunthorpe United v Mansfield Town - EFLYA U18 - 11am - Venue TBC
Sat 8 Apr - Doncaster Rovers v Mansfield Town - EFL League 2 - 3pm
Tue 11 Apr - Armthorpe Welfare v Bridlington Town - NCEL Prem - 7.45pm
Wed 12 Apr - Retford v Collingham - CMFL North - 7.45pm
Thu 13 Apr - Bottesford Town v Cleethorpes Town - NCEL Prem  - 7.45pm
Fri 14 Apr - Rotherham United v Doncaster Rovers - EFLYA U18 - 11am at Parkgate
Fri 14 Apr - Rotherham United v Birmingham City - EFL Championship - 3pm
Sat 15 Apr - London International Ska Festival - Assembly Hall, Islington - 6pm
Mon 17 Apr - Mansfield Town v Luton Town - EFL League 2 - 3pm
Tue 18 Apr - Sherwood Colliery v AFC Mansfield - WVH NMU21L South
Wed 19 Apr - York City v Mansfield Town - EFLYA U18 - Noon
Wed 19 Apr - Newark Town v Collingham - CMFL North - 7.45pm
Sat 22 Apr - Mansfield Town v Burton  Albion - EFLYA U18 - 11am at Rainworth MWFC
Sat 22 Apr - Worksop Town v Maltby Main - NCEL Prem - 3pm
Sun 23 Apr - Aston Villa v Birmingham City - EFL Championship - Noon
Tue 25 Apr - TBC
Sat 29 Apr - Mansfield Town v Grimsby Town - EFLYA U18 - 11am at Clipstone FC
Sat 29 Apr - Maltby Main v Handsworth Parramore - NCEL Prem - 3PM
Sun 30 Apr - Sheffield United v Chesterfield - EFL League 1 - Noon
Tue 2 May - Basford United v Carlton Town - Notts Senior Cup Final - 7.30pm at Notts County FC
Wed 3 May - Collingham v AFC Bentley - CMFL North - 7.45pm
Sat 6 May - TBC
Sun 7 May - TBC
Wed 10 May - Market Warsop v Retford United - Notts Ladies League Senior Cup - 7.30pm at Calverton MW
Wed 17 May - Bridlington Town or AFC Emley v Penistone Church or Hallam or Glasshoughton Welfare - NCEL League Cup Final - 7.30PM at Sheffield United FC
Sun 21 May - Cleethorpes Town v South Shields - FA Vase Final - 12.15pm at Wembley Stadium
Sun 21 May - Macclesfield Town v York City - FA Trophy Final - 4.15pm at Wembley Stadium
More games to be added in due course and no doubt some of the above information will be amended, as fixtures and/or my preferences change... and I've probably inserted several errors too. I'm quite sure that somebody will let me know.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Market Warsop 5 v Sherwood Youth 1 - Notts Ladies League

Sunday 26th March 2017
Notts Ladies League
at the John Fretwell Centre
Market Warsop (2) 5
Jodie Ellis 10, 40, 52
Georgie Herring 49
Shelley Marriott-Smith 90
Sherwood Youth (0) 1
Rebecca Frith 50
Click HERE for photo gallery
Both teams used rolling subs as is the norm in this league.
Market Warsop:
Emma Horsnall, Gemma Hodgkinson, Emma Potter, Justine Turley, Becky Braithwaite, Georgie Herring, Tracey Marriott-Smith, Marie Wayne, Kelly Clayton, Shelley Marriott-Smith, Jodie Ellis
Sub - Anji Cooper
Sherwood Youth:
Keegan Brooks, Holly Brooks, Rhiannon Harrison, Jade Bough, Aimee Farmery, Leigh Harrington, Hollie Darling, Chimelle Hunter, Grace Benjamin, Rebecca Frith, Amy Clifford
Sub - Beth Bough
Market Warsop needed just a point today to be confirmed as champions of the Notts Ladies League and to claim the honour of promotion to the East Midland's Women's Football League, and though their visitors: Sherwood Youth Ladies put in a spirited performance, the home side were ultimately too strong for them.
Shelley Marriott-Smith was thwarted in the second minute as she was just about to pull the trigger, twelve yards from goal , but the ball bounced unkindly in front of her.
The next chance fell to Kelly Clayton, but she hooked a long range effort over the bar.
Marie Wayne and Georgie Herring were involved in the build up play in the tenth minute and Jodie Ellis beat Keegan Brooks to the ball and squeezed it past her from close range with a deft finish to open the scoring.
Herring drilled an ambitious long range shot high and wide of the target, but as a well organised visiting side put up a dogged rearguard action, leaving Aimee Farmery up on the halfway line to make good of any long clearances, it was fairly obvious that there were more goals to come this afternoon, from Warsop lasses.
Tracey Marriott-Smith drilled a twenty five yard shot just past the post and (S) Marriott Smith was denied when Brooks turned her stinging shot around the post.
Clayton delivered a pinpoint corner towards (T) Marriott-Smith, but having made a good run into the heart of the Sherwood defence, she diverted the ball over the bar.
Georgie Herring took the ball down and rode a clutch of attempted challenges to make herself an opening, and when he fiercely struck shot ricocheted back from off of the angle of the left upright, it fell invitingly to Ellis who claimed her second goal of the game with an easy tap in.
Right on the stroke of half time, Wayne chipped the ball over the Sherwood defence into the path of Ellis, but Brooks came bravely off her line to reach the ball than ran loose to Rhiannan Middleton, who cleared it away for a corner.
HT: 2-0
Four minutes after the restart, Georgie Herring launched a dipping free kick into the Sherwood six yard box from out on the left wing, which ended up in the back of net. I thought (S) Marriott-Smith had got the final touch, but the referee, who was closer than me to the incident ruled that it had gone straight in for Herring's kick. 
Either way, it was three-nil now and surely the home side were on their way to the title now.
But within a minute, Sherwood pulled a goal back, when Leigh Harrington set up Rebecca Frith who hit a stunning shot and took her goal well.
You couldn't take your eyes off of this game for a second and Ellis claimed her hat trick for the champions elect from their very nest attack, after running on to Herring's through ball and planting a well executed lob over the advancing visitors keeper.
Warsop were now in controland they finished the game with a relentless spell of pressure: Herring rolled a shot across the face of goal and wide of the left hand post, Clayton shot wide of the left hand post, Harrison blocked a goal bound effort apiece from Gemma Hodgkinson and Clayton, while Hodgkinson also saw her thumping shot rattle against the post and Becky Braitwaite was a whisker away from scoring.
Ellis pounced onto the ball as Brooks parried a cross away, but Jade Bough cleared her shot off of the line.
With full time approaching, (S) Marriott-Smith connected with Herring's left wing corner but headed wide. In stoppage time, Herring and (S) Marriott- Smith repeated the exact same routine, but this the latter met the ball with her forehead and crashed it into the roof of the net. You don't stop them.
FT: Market Warsop Ladies 5 v Sherwood Ladies 1
Let the party commence!
On Wednesday May 10th, we're heading to see Market Warsop take on Retford United Ladies in the Notts Ladies League Cup Final. The game will kick off at 7.30pm at Calverton Miners Welfare.
Congratulations to MWLFC for winning the league and promotion.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Maltby Main 0 v Bridlington Town 0 - NCEL Prem

Saturday 25th March 2017
Toolstation NCEL Premier Division
at Muglet Lane
Maltby Main (0) 0
Bridlington Town (0) 0
Admisssion £5. Programme £1.50. Attendance 83
Flickr photo gallery, click HERE
This afternoon, the football ground at Muglet Lane was graced by the presence of one of the most remarkable British sportsmen of his generation, the current Bridlington Town manager: Curtis Woodhouse.
Having played professional football over a career spanning nine season's, during which time he won four international caps with the England Under 21 side, commanded a million pound transfer fee when he joined Birmingham City (for whom he actually played in the Premier League) and even reached the giddiest of heights imaginable, when he turned out a dozen times for Mansfield Town, during their second season as a Conference club.
Initially when he retired from football during the 2006-07 season, having become disenchanted with the game he embarked on a new sporting career and took up pro-boxing... and he went on the become the British Light-Welterweight champion. 
Talking about his often colourful personal life, Woodhouse said: ""I love fighting...Rather than get locked up for it, I might as well get paid for it."
The 'Driffield Destroyer', as the footballer/fighter was known, also picked up another nickname, when he went to the home of a 'keyboard warrior' who had been abusive towards Mr Woodhouse and his wife, after tracking him down, in a bid to put an end to his stalker's foolish misuse of social media, and subsequently also picked up the handle of 'Troll Hunter'.
Remember kids (of all ages), the next time you think that is OK to post lies, slander and libelous bullshit on the internet about other people; sometimes you're going to have to reap what you sow. 
If you haven't already read 'Box to Box', Curtis Woodhouse's gripping and inspiring autobiography, then you really should do... ASAP!
The book is currently available on a cut priced offer at WH Smith's... and it would make an ideal Mother's Day gift ;-)
Of course, if she prefers historical tomes, there are still a very limited number of Maltby Main's centenary history book, splendidly narrated by Peter Kenny, available at a tenner a chuck. 
Contact the club's commercial manager Darrell Johnson on 07907 502050 if you are tempted to purchase one of these bespoke items.
The mug featured in the photograph, costing £5, is one of the numerous items available from the Maltby Main FC 'Red & Black Shop', full details of all available items can be found by left clicking HERE
Today's visitors Bridlington Town were originally formed in 1918, as Bridlington Central United, but changed their name to Bridlington Town in 1959 when they joined the Yorkshire League.
The 1992–93 season was the most successful in the club's history, when they won the Northern Premier League Division One title and lifted the FA Vase at Wembley Stadium, courtesy of an Alan Radford goal in a 1-0 win against Tiverton Town. 
The Seasiders had been beaten by Yeading in the 1989-90 FA Vase final, in a replay at Elland Road, having drawn the initial game at Wembley.
A man of many jobs at MMFC, Peter Kenny, the
author of the club's centenary history book.
However things went horribly wrong the year after Brid enjoyed their Vase triumph and they finished 21st in the Northern Premier League, while playing their home games sixty two miles away from their east coast base and at the end of the season, they went into liquidation.
The club's name was rehashed in 1994 when a local pub side approached the lease-holders of the Queensgate ground with a view to using the facilities there and part of the deal was that 'The Greyhound' should change their name to Bridlington Town and subsequently the club was reborn, in the Driffield & District League.
Since then, the Seasiders have had their ups and downs, but at one point climbed as high as the Northern Premier League again. Following their relegation to the NCEL Premier Division in 2008, they have competed at this level for nine consecutive seasons... and they are currently sat in third place.
That just about covers Bridlington Town's long and eventful history.
And if you want to read about Maltby Main's glorious past as well... buy the book!
Cleethorpes Town are still odds on favourites to win the title, but mathematically, both 'Brid' and Pickering Town are both still in with a shout of winning the title, although the odds of that happening lengthened considerably today with both of the North Yorkshire sides drawing, while the Owls took all three points from a 2-0 home win against Handsworth Parramore.
Brid Town's coach driver Peter Smurthwaite
Carling don't make non league chairmen... but if they did.
Match Report: 
The visitors defended high up the pitch, which condensed a lot of the play into the centre of the park, in what became a well contested battle for midfield domination for long spells.
But despite the physical nature of this gripping contest, the match referee Ed Cook and his assistants Kev Wilson and Jamie O'Connor policed the game well and, credit to both sides, there were no unpleasant flash points, in spite of today's encounter being a no holds barred public demonstration of standing up and being counted.
Clearly, their were quite a few participants out on the field of play who could dish it out and cope with being on the receiving end of a full blooded challenge.
In the words of the great philosopher William Ocean: "When the going gets tough... the tough get going" 
With Josh Nodder and Shawn Mitchell (or should that be Shorn Mitchell, now that he's had a grade one crop... suits you sir!) battling for every ball in the middle of the pitch like a pair of possessive Ninjas and Richard Adams, centre half  Dean Smith and Reece Wesley forming a formidable wall of steel across the Maltby defence, today's visitors, who had only lost once in their last fourteen games in all competitions, were going to have to put in a double shift today if they were going to encroach Jamie Bailey's goal. The keeper himself was immense on the occasions that Bridlington did make in roads into the Miners territory.
In Chris Jenkinson, the Seasiders also had an uncompromising man mountain of their own at the back. While the Brid keeper James Hitchcock was a fearless sort, who would double up as an emergency sweeper at the drop of a hat.
There will certainly be a lot of footballers hogging the bathroom tomorrow morning, in need of a long, hot, Radox soak to ease away their aches and pains.
Bridlington started the game in a lively fashion, but there first attack was curtailed when the referee spotted an infringement on Bailey, while the second saw Joel Sutton hook his shot wide of the post from just outside the area.
The visitors opted to take to the right wing to push forward, but three fair but (very) firm interceptions by Wesley inside the opening five minutes, suggested that they might be better off looking for a chink in Maltby's Armour elsewhere.
Jamie Forrester tried to pick out Brett Agnew, but Smith, excelling in the middle of the Maltby back line, leapt like a salmon and cleared the danger, but conceded another corner into the bargain.
Forrester's second delivery was nowhere near as threatening and Sam Forster and Adams cleared the ball away with ease.
Having weathered the early pressure, the Miners began to grow in stature themselves, as Forster and Josh Snodin pushed forward down the flanks, while Ryan Carroll dropped in behind Steve Hopewell and the live-wire youngster Keegan Burton, to forma three pronged attack.
But in Jenkinson, Jack Walters and Benn Lewis, the visitors showed that they had built their recent impressive run on having a solid foundation at the back to build on and had a few stubborn cusses of their own in defence.
Nodder played the ball forward to Hopewell, who flicked it on  to Carroll and the Maltby number ten was upended by Kurtis Bedford, in the D just outside the Brid area.
Jordan Snodin stepped up to take the free kick but fired wide of the left hand post.
Both sides almost broke the deadlock just before the break, with Maltby going close first when Forster's right wing cross was only cleared as far as Snodin, he threaded a pass through the Brid defence to Carroll who rolled the ball across the face of Hitchcock's goal Burton went agonisingly close to diverting the ball into the net,
The visitors countered from the resulting goal kick and when Forrester's long ball into the Maltby area was only cleared as far as Agnew, who 'pinged' it first time towards the bottom left hand corner of the Maltby goal, but Bailey got down to his right well to make the save.
HT: Miners 0 v Seasiders 0
Men in hats: MMFC Press Officer David Watts with his special 
guest for the day, former Miners player Dennis Bulleyment
Bailey dealt with Andy Norfolk's high ball in from the right, inside the opening minute of the first half and at the other end Hitchcock was soon in action too, saving from Smith as he latched onto Snodin's throw in, as he got up in support of his forwards from a set piece, just like a good central defender should.
Jamie Forrester cleared the cross bar with a long range free kick and from the goal kick, Nodder pushed forward and slipped a measured ball forward for Hopewell to run onto, but Hitchcock charged out of his area and whacked the ball away, in the general direction of the Sputnik 1 satellite, that orbits planet Earth.
At least it will be safe up there.
Adams showed great positional awareness to clear Jenkinson's long ball towards Agnew, while Wesley continued to frustrate Joel Sutton and Louis Kirk and they pushed forward in tandem.
Burton was thwarted by a good stop by Hitchcock down by the left hand post from Nodder's measured ball through the Brid defensive ranks and as the visitors broke forward, having cleared the resulting corner kick, they were greeted by a reception committee consisting of Adams and Wesley and got no further than the halfway line.
Mitchell battled his way through a scrum of players to flick the ball on to Hopewell, but Jenkinson was on hand, again, to put his foot through the ball to stop Maltby in their tracks.
Forrester attempted to get Bridlington moving down their right flank, but Carroll powered across, like an extra line of defence and put paid to that idea. Having prevented the visitors from making any progress down the wing, Carroll was then pivotal in creating a half chance for Hopewell, but Walters got across and shielded the ball out of play, at which point I was asked: "What is the difference between shielding the ball and obstruction?"
Well, that is a fairly obvious question to answer, inasmuch: when one of your own team block an opponent and prevent them from reaching the ball, that is called shielding, but when it's a vice versa scenario and an opponent does the same, he is a dirty, fouling cheat. Who'd be a referee?
Burton challenged Jenkinson for a header, that the Brid defender nodded away from any immediate danger, but it fell to Hopewell, who forced Hitchcock into making another quality save.
The goalkeepers were featuring prominently in the game now, with both teams being far more adventurous than they had been during a cagey first half ,when a lot of the game took place in a congested midfield that was no place for the faint hearted or workshy.
Bailey was called upon again to deal with Sutton's cross cum shot, that he turned away for a corner.
Jordan Harrison dropped an curling flag kick into the Maltby goalmouth, but Nodder cleared it away.
Look busy, he's pointing that bloody camera again.
Jenkinson put the ball out of play with a clearance and Burton instinctively took a quick throw in while the visitors were still regrouping that found Hopewell who muscled past two Brid players but could only find the side netting with his shot.
Harrison had been making himself useful since he came on as a substitute in the second half for the visitors, but as he cut into the Miners area from out on the right, he  couldn't keep his angled shot down and he skied his rushed effort over the bar... possibly the one in the 'stute!
Bridlington were ending the game the same way that they had started it, on the front foot, but as Sutton chased a hopeful knock forward, he was confronted by Wesley who got a foot in and prevented the Seasiders striker from making a shot and as the loose ball fell kindly for Harrison, that man Bailey pulled off another good stop.
Deep into stoppage time, Carroll was adjudged to have strayed marginally offside  just inside the Bridlington half and Kev Wison raised his flag. Grrr! 
But hey ho... the visitors tried to breakaway from the resulting free kick and the other linesman, a chap going by the name of Jamie O'Connor lifted his flag too... what a nice man he is!
All told, the draw was a fair result. 
Both sides, with a few pivotal first choice players missing, had given their all and it would be a nigh on impossible task to pick out a man of the match, because every single one of them gave at least 110%, with no let up until the final whistle, so I will avoid running the risk of being accused of favouritism by saying who I thought had put in 115%, so argue the toss among yourselves.
FT: Maltby Main 0 v Bridlington Town 0
Champions elect and FA Vase finalists, Cleethorpes Town visit Muglet Lane on Wednesday night, for a Toolstation NCEL fixture,which kicks off at 7.45pm.
On Tuesday night, Bridlington Town face Pocklington Town in an East Riding Senior Cup Semi-Final game at the Roy West Centre in Hull.