Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Brigg Town 0 v Frickley Athletic 1 - Abandoned (27 minutes played).

Tuesday 21st January 2014
at the Hawthorns, Brigg, DN20 8PG
Brigg Town A v. Frickley Athletic A
ABANDONED, due to the serious nature of the injuries sustained by Frickley Athletic's captain Matty Bloor in the 27th minute of the game.
Admission £7.
Programme £1.50
A night that started well enough, in a cosy bar with good companions, ended abruptly and prematurely in awful circumstances as Frickley's popular captain Matty Bloor sustained a combination of two serious injuries in the 27th minute of the game. 
By the time an ambulance arrived and taking into account all the relevant factors, the match referee Steve Wade made the sensible decision to abandon the game around 8.50pm
If looks could kill.
Brigg fan giving me the evils ... Grr!
As Jimmy Ghaichem's left wing corner found it's way through to Luke Hinsley, who smashed it into the back of the net to put Frickley in front, Matty Bloor landed awkwardly after jumping to compete for the ball and it was obvious in an instant, that he was in quite a lot of distress and seriously hurt.
His leg was contorted out of shape and his right foot appeared to be facing back to front.
Subsequently, it has been confirmed that he had fractured his tibia and dislocated his ankle as well.
Myself and stalwart Frickley supporter John Watkin (AKA 'Sean Marshall's Short's on a number of football forums) were stood just a few feet away from the incident and clearly heard Matty shout out "Ref, it's broken!", as his team mates, still oblivious to his plight, celebrated the goal.
Nobody else had been involved, it was purely a freak accident.
A lot of people stood nearby who'd seen the Blues captain go to ground, hadn't even realised that Frickley had scored.
I'd like to wish Matty Bloor a full recovery, as speedily as possible.
Though obviously, given the nature of the injury, he won't be playing football again for quite some time.
Brigg Town have since announced that entry will be free at next Tuesday night's re-arranged fixture v Frickley, for anybody who has the admission ticket they were given upon entering the Hawthorns prior to the game.
I've mislaid my ticket, but that is the least of my concerns in light of what I saw close up tonight.
Thirst Price - Sossidges, Livver,
Pawk pies, Bakon and Gooze
I am reliably informed that Brigg Town are fully aware of  the shocking example illiteracy that is displayed upon the wall of their clubhouse.
But they've chosen not to correct the spelling mistakes (mis-steaks?), because so many visitors have noticed and commented on the errors that appear 'weekly meat raffle' poster , this proves that more people have been taking notice of this fundraising initiative than might otherwise have done, if the club's PC had a spell check app fitted ... and, apparently, saddo camera phone brandishing bloggers have been giving the draw a free plug, by circulating the details to a wider audience on t'internet too it would seem.
 Might I suggest; if a poor grasp of the Queens English genuinely did guarantee more attention, then the viewing stats for THE66POW would be considerably higher than they currently are.