Saturday, 17 August 2013

Harworth Colliery v AFC Mansfield - CMFL North

Saturday 17th August 2013
at the Recreation Ground, Scrooby Road, Bircotes, DN11 8JT
Central Midlands League North
Harworth Colliery (0) 0
AFC Mansfield (2) 3
Danny Tighe 7, 
Callum Green 23, 
Joe Naylor 49
Admission £3, Programme £1
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Harworth Colliery:
Wibberley, Hardman, Brewster, Woodward, Forbes (Edmundson 45), Belshaw, Paczkowski, Wilkinson (Tomlinson 78), Hilton, Sides (Walker 45), Pick.
Unused subs - Smith, Latham (GK)
AFC Mansfield:
Sheppard, Tighe (Capuano 70), McLane, Draper, Timons (Black 60), D Naylor, Buxton, J Naylor, Rick, Green (Robinson 75), Carter.
Unused subs - Wilson, Rodger (Jambo)
The visitors proved to be just too strong on the day.
However, despite the fact that the Bulls thoroughly deserved their win, the Colliery side could've got something from the game, if only they had made more of several gilt edged chances over the course of the game.
Gaz Sides narrowly missed the target just before the break and inside the last five minutes Lewis Hilton blazed the ball over from close range when he looked odds on to score, while Dale Sheppard in the visitors goal made two top class, last ditch saves during the game, from Tomo Pick and Ryan Paczkowski respectively.
That said though, the final outcome was never really in very much doubt once the visitors had established a two goal lead inside the first 23 minutes.
Danny Tighe scored directly from a free kick after 7 minutes and as the ball drifted into the top corner and the visiting fans applauded their right back's efforts, a perceptive (and ever so slightly tongue in cheek) observation appeared on the Harworth Colliery twitter feed, that read 'wind assisted'.
Danny Tighe was also involved in the Bulls second goal, when he fed the ball to Callum Green who turned and shot past Steve Wibberley.
A two goal deficit at half time was enough of a hill to climb for Harworth as it was, but four minutes into the second half Danny Tighe was the provider again, finding Joe Naylor with a corner kick that the visitors number 8 steered home via the slightest of deflections. 
Nobody else is claiming the final touch, so the credit for the goal is all yours Joe.
Danny Tighe was substituted half way through the second half, it was a real shame he couldn't have buggered off 69 minutes earlier.
Harworth did finish the game with a bit of a flourish, but all their efforts came to nothing in the end.
Harworth Colliery FC have been progressing and improving in many ways on and off the pitch over the last couple of years, at a sustainable and affordable rate, within their means, and there was definitely no shame in losing today against a team who of players could probably more than hold their own in the NCEL.
There are obviously going to be sides in the CMFL North who fancy their chances of 'doing a Dronfield' over the Bulls this season, but after coming so agonisingly close last time, you can't see Mickey Taylor's side being pipped at the post again.
It was a nice touch from AFC Mansfield to say in their match report: 'Goals from Danny Tighe, Callum Green and Joe Naylor did the damage against a very good Harworth side that few will beat this season' so it was only fair of Harworth to respond in kind, with a friendly riposte of: 'Good to see you all today. Nothing personal. but bugger off to another league now XXX' ... the sentiment was genuine and heartfelt.
The CMFL North season is now up and running in full swing, hold on tight!