Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Harworth Colliery 1 v Brodsworth Welfare 3 - CMFL North

Late in the game,when Harworth had to chuck everything including the kitchen sink at Brodsworth, nobody could say they weren't prepared.
Wednesday 1st May 2013
at the Recreation Ground, Scrooby Road, Bircotes
Central Midlands League (North)
Harworth Colliery (1) 1
Tom Pick 16
Brodsworth Welfare (1) 3
Shane Carver 43, 48, 85
Admission £3 inc. programme
Harworth Colliery:
Mark Latham, Jordan Hardman, Paul Burns, Stuart Needham, Jonny Bownes, Chris Belshaw, Tom WAlker, Gaz Sides, Tom Padgett, Andy Webb, Tom Pick
Subs - David Cornthwaite, Simon Brewster, Matt Smith
Brodsworth Welfare:
Dom Senior, Ben Hodgson, Stu Laidlaw, Mark Vickerage, Steve Knifton,Chris Harrison, Kyle Donning, Dan Smith, Gary Mundy, Shane Carver, Brad Marrison
Subs - James Irwin, Dan Comerford, Steve Jewell
Harworth were second best by some way this evening, against a Brodsworth team who wanted it more.
I wouldn't want to do a disservice to 'Broddy', by suggesting that the Colliery's lack of cohesion and application cost them the game, because credit where it's due, the visitors were up for this one and they deserved what they got.
Harworth did too, I s'pose ... but in a completely different context.
For whatever reason, there seemed to be a complete lack of communication between the Colliery players at times for long periods, especially during the second half.
In fact, when I nipped out on to the reserves pitch to retrieve a stray match ball, it would be fair to say that you'd hardly have known that there was a CMFL game going on just beyond the perimeter wall, because it was so quiet.
I don't want to be critical of this Harworth team when they've had such a good season all told, thus far.
And I'm sure everybody out on that pitch in an orange shirt tonight, will be honest enough to know they were well below par and that they're more than capable of playing much better than this.
Collectively, they had an off night.
So I'll shurrup about tonight's game now.
Because there is 'nowt more to add.
Hopefully, there won't be a repeat of this 'no show' in the next game and Harworth will finish the season on a high in the last game of the season at Clay Cross Town instead.
The best team won.
Well played Brodsworth!
You thoroughly deserved all three points tonight.