Sunday, 9 December 2012

Retford United U18 2 v Park Tigers U18 1 - LIFL - George Addlesse Trophy

Sunday 9th December
at Oaklands Athletic Ground, Retford
Lincolnshire Intermediate League
George Addlesee Trophy
Retford United  (2) 2
Josh Sharpe 3, Mikey Fox 11
Park Tigers  (0) 1
Liam Dawson 70
 My options:
1) Xmas shopping, or 2) Wrap up warm (ish) and watch football at Wetlands*, Whoops! I mean Oaklands, on a cold and very windy morning?
I can do all my Xmas shopping on line.
In actual fact, I've already made a bid for a wallpaper steamer on Ebay, that will be right up the old battle-axe's street.
You see, I don't "leave everything until the last bloody minute and have a warped grasp of reality when it comes to getting my priorities right" at all, mein Bunker Fuhrer ;-P
And, for the record, I like the "manky old woodchip", it's you that insisted that we should redecorate.
I have no objection at all, to you doing it.
;-) You've got your own way again!!!
That isn't a lake out in the fields towards Little Gringley, in the above photograph, it's what's left of this weeks flood water.
Retford dominated the first half and should've been out of side by the break, but Park Tigers (from Brumby, in 'sunny Scunny'), were vastly improved after half time and gave Kev Swannack's side a solid test and almost fought their way back into the game.
The young Badgers deserved the win, after creating so many chances, especially in the first half, but the visitors ran them close in the end.
Josh Sharpe opened the scoring on three minutes when he scuffed a shot under the diving body of the visitors keeper.
Mikey Fox netted United's second on 11 minutes when he steered home a right wing cross, although there are those present who thought a Tigers defender got the final touch, but he hasn't claimed it, so it would seem that it's all yours Mikey!
Park Tigers deserved a goal for their second half efforts and Liam Dawson duly obliged, when he cut in from the left wing on 70 minutes and 'dinked' the ball into the Retford goal from 12 yards out.
FT - Badgers 2 v Tigers 1
*Wetlands, is a nature reserve and popular tourist attraction, that stands around the banks of a lake, a couple of miles to the north north of Retford, it's well worth a visit, especially if you like reindeer, ducks and lakes.
Liam Dawson, Park Tigers goalscorer