Friday, 10 February 2012

Fabio Capello - Part 2

Fabio Capello scoring against England for Italy in 1973

Whoever takes on the job of England manager next, will inherit a lot of groundwork and a massive amount of progress, that has been made in the right direction.
Let's hope that the vast improvements that have been made, can be taken forward and built on, by the next incumbent of one the footballing world's hottest of hot seats.
Of course, when England don't win the European Championship ... and they certainly won't ... the press can have a field day blaming 'the foreigner' for baling out on us all at such a critical time.
But before long, they'll be picking away at the next guys credentials, because that is what they've always done.
Don't forget how they even slaughtered Bobby Robson at the outset of the Italia '90 tournament.
Stuart Pearce had been in the job as an interim caretaker manager for hours, before certain elements of the press had already turned on him this week.
Sadly, that baiting and undermining process, satisfies the needs of the majority of their customer base too.
Because frankly, a lot of people in this country aren't interested in long term improvements to the national side and don't appreciate the length of time it will take to get out of a long established slump.
They prefer to have something, to have a bloody good old moan about instead.
Having read and listened to the widespread opinions of a lot of people these last few days, I seem to be one of a very small minority of people who wishes Fabio Capello was still the England manager at this present time and was taking to team to Poland and the Ukraine.
And beyond that?
Well, I was prepared to wait and see what, if any, advancements had been made since the last World Cup.
The acid test is, after all, how the team fare in a real tournament situation.
Then that would be the right time to decide whether a new man should be bought in, or ... tin hat on ... to wonder it might be a canny idea to try talking Capello into actually staying a while longer and not retiring from his post.Evidently a lot of people's minds are already made up about who the next England manager should be.
And let's face it, the man most people seem to think is the obvious choice, is doing a brilliant job at Tottenham right now.
But, how long would even his honeymoon period last once England 'fail' to be champions of the entire known universe within the next couple of years?
Even press darlings can be built up to Herculean proportions and then demolished, just the same as anybody else.
Fingers crossed that for once the vultures back off for a bit this next time, but I won't be holding my breath in anticipation.If Harry Redknapp is the next England manager, then good luck to him, I wish him well.
I am, when all is said and done, a proud, born and bred Englishman, who watches the national team regularly and wants them to do well - so much that it hurts sometimes when they don't.
Not that I ever let my expectancy levels get too out of check.
Though I'm excitable, I'm also a misery guts realist too.
But whoever gets the job, give him some time and don't go demanding instant results and a quick fix, eh!?
It's difficult enough beating other countries at football, without having your own national press and 'Seething of Ingerlund' angry mob types, breathing down your neck at every turn.
If you want a recent example - Beating reigning world champions Spain at Wembley in a friendly was a great result, yet in the newspapers England were vilified for playing defensively.
Against the best team in the world?
I wonder why that was then?Back to this weeks events and Fabio Capello is being condemned for being outspoken, in a public interview, about the FA stripping John Terry of his captaincy.
Even though that was his decision to make, not theirs.
However, his paymasters had already set the 'hanging dirty laundry out in public' ball rolling.
So was he supposed to 'shut up and put up' like a toadying sycophant, or give 'em it back Cloughie style?
Ask yourself, which of the two would you prefer to be running 'your' national side?
A shrinking violet 'yes man,' or somebody with the courage to back up his convictions, who has an impressive quota of recent results and vast experience in his arsenal, to add weight to his side of the argument?
Of course, there is a third option some of you (a lot of you even) would choose.
And that is, 'either of the above, as long as he is English'.
Personally, I want the best man for the job at this moment in time to be installed until at least after the Euro 2012 tournament concludes.
And for the time being, that man is the one who led England through the qualifiers and preparation stages:
Fabio Capello.The allegation that Capello doesn't like England, has been levelled at him this week and used as a bit of stick to beat the outgoing national team coach with.
Perhaps I could counter that and say, the truth of the matter is; although they have never met him (neither have I) or know very much about him as a person, a lot of England never liked Fabio Capello, from the moment he got the job.
Why is that?
Well, it isn't because of his football pedigree, or his percentage of games won/drawn/lost since he got the England job.
So you tell me why it is?.
And I bet your answer will start with the words "I'm not xenophobic or racist, but ..."Fabio's been chastised for struggling to speak fluent English, yet by the same token Harry Redknapp's lack of writing prowess (in his own native language) and inability to use a mobile phone (both possibility sound bite inventions, for the benefit of the press corps), are seen as endearing additions to his obvious charm.
But 'our Harry' is one of us, isn't he?
And that 'orrible outsider ain't!
Please don't misunderstood me at this juncture, I have no problem with Harry Redknapp and anybody can see he's at the peak of his career right now.
I'm merely pointing out how double standards are being applied in the media (and elsewhere), to build one person up and knock another one down.
Anyway, who's to say, who is right and wrong?
I could be way off the mark with most, or even all of the above, it certainly wouldn't be the first time.
But just like everybody else, I am entitled to my opinion.
I'm merely an English football fan, who wants the best for my national team, I have no other agenda.
See y'all at Wembley Stadium on the 29th.
C'mon England!
"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!!"