Friday, 2 December 2011

Kings Park Rangers v All Comers

Friday 2nd December 2011, at Cannon Park
Retford United Pop Quiz 2011
Kings Park Rangers - 1st place and undisputed champions of the entire universe
All Comers - Better luck next year suckers!!!
Admission £10 (for a team of four)
Cannon Park

I'm not one to gloat.
BUT ...

OK, it was a very close run thing and very tight at the top of the table at the end of the night, but well done to my team for winning this years RUFC Pop Quiz.
The main aspects of the night were fund-raising for Retford United FC and having fun ... and to that end everybody was a winner.
We won the first round despite my team captain over ruling me on four correct answers and then plodded on blindly through the next three rounds, just about hanging on to our top of the table spot, by the skin of our teeth, having missed some absolute sitters.
The points we won in the first round just about saw us through in the end, because we were decidedly average (at best) from then on in.
Well done Ian Beech for organising the event and to Robin and Julie (AKA Mrs Beech) for doing all the hard work, while the big lad took all the plaudits.
Ta very much to the two young ladies who did a great job behind the bar too.
Here we see the diminutive but very lovely Annie Knight, club secretary of RUFC and pop quiz genius, clutching on to her spoils for the night, while a big clumsy ox from the winning team, Kings Park Rangers, collides with her on his way towards a midnight feast .. well, she's so tiny I didn't see her down there ;-)
I have put a photo of the winners trophy at the top of this post, so those of you who didn't get one could see what it looks like.
To be honest, we were stunned that we had actually won when the final scores were tallied up.
Nah, stuff that, this is no time for false modesty, the final table doesn't lie, we were awesome ...

Great fun, good company, roll on next year.