Thursday, 29 December 2011

Easington United are back!

In spite of all the rumours and speculation that have been doing the rounds on the CMFL circuit, I am happy to report that Easington United are back!
In actual fact, they hadn't even been away in the first place ... and at the current time they appear to be rebuilding and strengthening their squad for the future..
The club have NOT resigned from the CMFL North, or gone to the wall, or anything of the sort.
Reproduced here, is a truncated version of a message I received earlier today from Richard Lusmore at EUFC in response to what I wrote on this self indulgent, bullshit blog a couple of days ago, about certain stories I'd heard circulating on the CMFL gossip grapevine.
Just to quash the rumours, we have not resigned from the CML North and as yet have no intention of doing so.
As you state we've just picked up four ex-Hutton Cranswick lads and are in the process of signing three other lads in time for our return to action on 7 Jan.
So I'll look forrad to seeing you out on the Humber Riviera before the season's end.
All the best!