Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Retford United U19 4 v Dinnington Town U19 2 - Baris NMU19L - League Cup 2nd Round

Wednesday 12th October 2011, at Cannon Park
Baris North Midlands U19 League,
League Cup 2nd Round

Retford United (2) 4
Luke Walker 14, 42, Sam Foulds 58, 65
Dinnington Town (2) 2
Mitchell Lax 5, Dachi Khutsishvili 26

Admission £2 inc. Programme
Thanks to Richard Williams for the Dinnington team details
Dinnington Town of the NMU19L 3rd Division, stunned their hosts when Mitchell Lax, unmarked on the edge of the box, shot the visitors ahead on 5 minutes.
On an appalling night weather wise, the Badgers took some time to get into their stride, but the prolific Luke Walker had them on level terms after 14 minutes ... then everybody expected Retford to stamp their authority all over the game and cruise to a comfortable win.
But the underdogs from 'Dinno' had other ideas and on 26 minutes Dachi Khutsishvili nipped in between the United central defenders and fired the visitors back in front. It was a quality strike.
Retford had to wait until nearly half time before they levelled the score again, when Luke Walker coolly put the finishing touches to a good passing move from the right flank.
In the second half, the Badgers took control of the game and with players of the calibre of Jordan Pickering and Alister Plant directing operations, it was becoming increasingly difficult for an understrength Dinnington to keep up the promise they had shown in the first half.
Patience is a virtue and the home side had kept it tight knowing their time would come eventually.
Sam Foulds timed his run to perfection to head home a left wing corner to put Retford ahead for the first time on 58 minutes ... and 7 minutes later he got on the end of a right wing cross to put the game out of Dinnington's reach.
The Dinnington Town supporters and parents sat near us in the stand, though unhappy at the scoreline, were keeping their grumbling and misgivings down to a reasonable volume and amongst themselves.
They understand the game and were good company to share a few laughs with as the game went on.
However, some of those sat further along the stand weren't quite so reserved ... might I politely suggest, young players who are up against it, with the odds stacked against them on a foul night, need encouragement, not foul mouthed criticism berating their efforts combined with personal abuse bellowed across the pitch in the general direction of the Dinnington Town bench, the referee and, well ... anyone within earshot really.
Dinnington have a half decent crop of players coming through the ranks, I just hope for their sake that a few (but not all) of the parents don't spoil things for them.

Retford United Under 19's are a very good side, who are fancied by many to bag some silverware this season, myself included.
They're in a higher division than Dinnington Town and most likely will be two divisions above them next season the way results are panning out.
Some of those who made the short trip over from South Yorkshire ought to try looking at the bigger picture and take a look at the positives that could be taken from tonight's Cup game that can be built upon in the league campaign for the rest of the season, instead of crucifying people who are doing their best against opponents who play at a higher level than 'your' team every week.
Get a grip!
And try getting some kind of angle into what the word 'perspective' means.

I enjoy watching Retford United Under 19's as a neutral, Chris Howard's side are good entertainment value ... but I'd be a bit reluctant to watch Dinnington Town Under 19's again any time soon, if the opportunity arose.
The majority of people involved with the Phoenix Park club, including those that watch their Under 19's, are decent, fair minded, respectful and respectable ... in fact, I've got some good mates there ... and that includes members of staff and one or two of the players and their parents.
Dinnington Town have got some very good young players amongst their ranks too ... but the moaning, abusive and very vocal minority that turned up at Cannon Park tonight, put me right off going to see them again.
I don't want to have to listen to that crap all night when I'm trying to enjoy a game of football.

Please excuse my vulgarity at this point dear reader, but I have a message for those big gobs who can't behave in an acceptable manner when watching Under 19's football and it needs to be expressed using the only kind of vocabulary they'll understand ... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
I hasten to add, I'm talking about a minority here ... the main body of people watching tonight's game are decent and well mannered people, who probably find the OTT ranting as irritating as I did.