Thursday, 13 October 2011

Radford U19 2 v Harworth Colliery Institute U19 0 - NMU19L Division 2

Young Danny Staley's been busy with his crayons again.
You need to stop going over the edges though mate ;-)

Thursday 13th October 2011
At Selhurst Street, Hyson Green, Nottingham
Baris North Midlands U19's League, Division 2

Radford (0) 2
James Hackett 50, Dan Jackson 90
Harworth Colliery Institute (0) 0

Admission £2 inc. Programme

Line ups ...
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Harworth Colliery Institute

Radford lead the NMU19L Division 2 at the moment, their three point haul tonight, in this North Notts v South Notts encounter, will go a long way towards cementing their position amongst the promotion hopefuls.
The home side started the game well, without actually getting any real purchase on their efforts in the final third, though Jason Markell did have to chase back to make a goal line clearance after 7 minutes.
Well done Jase, you cleared the ball in the right direction this week! ;-)

A quarter of an hour into the game, Radford's right back Ryan Campbell broke forward towards the edge of the box, but his effort cleared the bar and vanished into the overgrown scrub land behind the goal.
Radford pushed forward again, but they were thwarted by a great last ditch tackle from Liam Smith ... and Harworth took their turn to take the game to Radford without really threatening them too much around their goal.
But right on half time, Lewis Francis sent Connor Gresham free, his strike beat Jake Want in the Radford goal, but rolled centimetres wide, millimetres even possibly!
A full moon

Psychologically, 45 minutes would've been a great time for Gresham to open the scoring, but typically Harworth had just seen another gilt edged chance go begging ... it has become par for the course this term.
If you are a prolific Under 19's goalscorer who is looking for a new challenge, try tackling the Scrooby Road outfit's misfortune in front of goal and redressing their quota of chances created to goals scored percentage ratio ... before Glenn and Hasan on the Harworth bench lose their well kempt head's of hair imminently, from constantly pulling handfuls out through sheer frustration.
Some very bright floodlights

In the second half, the game was settled by two opportunist but very well taken goals from Radford's James Hackett and Dan Jackson, the second of which was scored in the very last minute.
On 50 minutes Hackett spotted that Tom Hogg was off his line and he floated the ball over him and just underneath the crossbar from nearly 40 yards out. While one must question why Tom wasn't on guard at the time, you also need to be asking why on earth the Radford centre half had been given the time and space to have a go from out there.
But take nothing away from James Hackett, it was a well measured effort and excellently executed.
Long before the game had finished, I had developed a serious appetite and the hunger pangs were kicking in, due to the overwhelming and absolutely gorgeous aromas that were engulfing the ground from the nearby 'Curry King' on the Selhurst Street and Radford Road junction.
If I may digress briefly here ... if per chance you should find yourself in Hyson Green of a night, whatever your pleasure might be (and there isn't anything you can't buy after hours round these parts for a reasonable outlay), though I can't recommended any of the other local 'businesses' because this isn't really the right place to be discussing such pursuits ... it needs to be said that Curry King serve the best Indian food in the whole of Nottinghamshire, possibly even the entire world, try it for yourself sometime.
Alas, I had to dash off right at the end of the game and I missed out on a feast tonight, but by getting out of Hyson Green ASAP, at least I didn't accidentally end up snorting cheap cocaine off of an even cheaper hookers breasts again like last time, err ... I mean like a friend of mine did the night he erroneously ventured down here after last years Goose Fair.
Name withheld to protect M*rk Sm*th.
Anyway, where was I?
Oh yes.
It looked as though Hackett's goal would be all that separated the teams at the final whistle, but on 90 minutes, Dan Jackson dribbled along the left byline towards Harworth's goal and with both teams stood off of him, waiting to see where his cross was going, he put on a last second spurt and cheekily squeezed the ball just inside the near post, out of the reach of Tom Hogg's outstretched hand.
As improvisation goes, that is what is called an instinctive strikers goal.
There wasn't even time for the game to restart and Harworth were left to rue what might have been if they had gone ahead right on the break.
When your luck's out n' all that!