Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Yorkshire Main 9 v Phoenix FC 0 - Central Midlands League Premier Division

Wednesday 18th May at Edlington Lane
Central Midlands League Premier Division

Yorkshire Main (4) 9
Curtis Walker 4, 74, 76, Darren Bird 17,
Adam Walker 20, 44, 46, 80 pen, Dan Jarvis 58
Phoenix FC (0) 0

Admission £2.50 inc. programme, Attendance around 40 ish
Had it not been for the invisible force field that protected Phoenix's goal for the last ten minutes, this one could've been a real rout!
Enjoying myself in Yorkshire at present (I've got my passport) so I will have to add details some other time.
Congratulations to Yorkshire Main on their clean sweep four trophy haul this season.
The Phoenix Trophies Floodlit Cup, Doncaster FA Challenge Cup, CMFL League Challenge Cup, and CMFL Premier League Championship.
Thoroughly deserved :-)
All they need now is somewhere to put them all ...
One more for the top shelf ... the CMFL Premier Division Cup Arrives in Edlo
Tsk, she gets that and I have to make do
with a polystyrene cup for mine