Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hucknall RL 1 v Boots Athletic 3 - Notts Senior League - Senior Cup Final

Notts Senior League - Senior Cup Final
at Eagle Valley, Oxton (Home of Arnold Town FC)

Hucknall Rolls Leisure (0) 1
Nathan Hodges OG
Boots Athletic (2) 3
Tommy Kemp, Patrick Bakone, Kev Walker

Admission £3 inc. programme, Attendance in excess of 200A rare event ... a cup final involving teams from Nottinghamshire (a county that extends all the way to Bawtry in the north) that i) didn't go into extra time & ii) saw a team wearing yellow and blue actually triumph (with apologies to Carlton Town and the mighty Stags).
Good to see the great and good of the south Notts football royal family in attendance, they're top lads to spend any night of the week (or most recently every night of the week) in the company of.
The Frickley massive couldn't attend but I spotted his mini bus in the dogging lay by just to the north of Ollerton roundabout on my way down from East Retford, so I'll let him off seeing as he was attending to matters of the heart.
He must have quite a busy love life given the amount of vehicles packed in there when I just drove by on my way home. All preferences and special needs catered for by all accounts!
Kev Walker swings a corner in for the Boots boys

Oh well, more to follow ASAP, I have my own needs to attend to ... and unlike some people I'm not taking a 50/50 chance on my companion being a hairy arsed cross dressing ex coal face worker squeezed into a lycra mini skirt, who is hoping it's a busy night for passing lorry drivers in need of some TLC ... each to their own, eh J*hn from Pontefract!?
No doubt Malc Storer esq. will already have a report and pictures up from the game already, see his excellent blog here --> http://ontheroad2010-2011.blogspot.com/2011/05/hucknall-rolls-leisure-1-3-boots.html
Run to the corner and do a one handed handstand
if you just put your side 2-0 ahead