Monday, 14 March 2011

Arnold Town 2 v Hallam 1 - North Midlands U19 League Division 1

Monday 14th March 2011 at Eagle Valley, Oxton
North Midlands U19 League Division 1

Arnold Town 2 (Dean Spinney 38, Alex England 75)
Hallam 1 (Ishmael Lammy 32)

Admission £2 inc Free Programme, Attendance 41 (ish)
Raffle £1, prize won by a very deserving cause ... ME!

Point of order. Dean Spinney was officially credited with Arnold's equaliser, but it looked like an own goal by Hallam's number 5 Ben Pond from where I was stood.
Credit where it's due.
I was a really big fan of The Goodies in my formative years, it was a real bonus to bump into the original cast (below) when I got to Eagle Valley tonight.
I wondered who'd arrived on the three seater bike that was left outside.

Soundtrack for tonight's A614 rocket sled ride ... The Clash