Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Southwell City 2 v Worksop Town 1 - North Midlands U19 League Cup

Reproduced from the Worksop Town 2010-11 blog
Windsor Food Services, North Midlands U19 League
League Cup 1st Round
at the Memorial Ground, Southwell

Err ... a bit of a shocker if truth be told.
Goalkeeper Alex Gray kept the margin of defeat down to a respectable level, pulling off a string of top class saves and holding on to a tamely struck penalty.
Liam Gleeson and Phil Peters were exceptional tonight ... problem is they are both Southwell City players.
It was never a dirty game but the teams picked up five yellow cards between them, but I guess the referees have a greater understanding of the rules of the game than me, AKA a mere onlooker viewing the world through ever so slightly biased eyes with a vested interest in the outcome.

Southwell City U19 2 (Grant Blackhurst 8, Phil Peters 53)
Worksop Town U19 1 (Rob Fenton 38)

Thanks to those of you who came down to give the team encouragement tonight ... everything that could go wrong on the night did, sorry you all never got to see a better performance.
This team are capable of MUCH better than what you witnessed tonight and I have every faith in them to prove me right with that statement any time soon.
It's a real shame that a lot of these lads already had commitments to play other games earlier in the day too and a lot of them were obviously tiring more and more as the game progressed.
Hucknall Town Unity visit Shirebrook next Thursday as the Under 19's return to League action, so the team will have to put this cup exit behind them now, move on and focus on what's coming next.
Well done to Southwell City, they played some neat football, fast, to feet and on the deck at times. Enjoy your trip to Radford in the next round.