Thursday, 16 September 2010

Retford United 4 v Pinxton 1 - North Midlands U19 League Cup

Thursday 16th September 2010
North Midlands U19 League - League Cup
at Cannon Park, Leverton Road, Retford
Retford United 4 (Theo Ganderson 2, Reece Thomson, Jack Johnson)
Pinxton 1

A night out for a few beers with my son at Cannon Park social club, with a football match thrown in for good measure.
Retford didn't really get out of second gear all night, they didn't need to, Pinxton didn't offer much resistance.
Pinxton bought with them an elderly gentleman spectator, who's sole purpose in life is to shout and rant as many expletives and obscenities as possible for the entire duration of the game at everyone and anyone.
He was sat in the stand on the opposite touchline from where I was stood ... the best place for him.
Alas, on a still and increasingly misty night, he was still clearly audible and was a complete embarrassment to himself, his travelling companions and his team of choice.
Lord forbid football should ever become completely sanitised, there will always be swearing both on and off the pitch, we all do it, but this individual needs his mouth taping up as a matter of urgency.
Theo Ganderson was the stand out player on the night - it was clear to everybody why Luton Town have invited him for trials. A great asset for Retford United if they can keep hold of him for a while longer.
United were slick without really breaking a sweat tonight - Pinxton weren't!

Admission £2
Programme free