Thursday, 7 September 2017

Retford United 1 v Sheffield United 1 - NMU19L

Thursday September 7th 2017
at CannonPark
WVH North  Midland U19L
Retford United U19 (1) 1
Liam Bennett 22
Sheffield United (0) 1
Tiwashe Bnute
Admission £2. Programme 20p
 An excellent game, well officiated by referee Chris ward and his assistants.
I have several pages of notes pertaining to this game, but none of them would be of any interest to you, because this was a two man fact finding mission for a club that ply their trade in the green and pleasant county Nottinghamshire, with me at one side of the pitch and my cohort, on the opposite touch line. I was offered expenses tonight of a reimbursement of admission price plus 40p per mile fuel expenses. You can  just about make out what my missus  was watching on TV by peering over the 'Dave Wathall Stand' fence towards my house, so I generously declined the generosity of our employer for the night. For the record this is the third time that I have watched Del Geary's Sheffield United youngsters this season and we weren't monitoring anybody connected to Retford United. So draw your own conclusions.
Knights of the round tables
Retford United opened the scoring in the 22nd minute, when he cracked the ball into the top left hand corner of the net from a distance that I'm am reliably informed was all of thirty six yards.
The Blades equalised in the second half with a not quite so spectacular goal, netted by Tiwashe Bnute from a mere thirty three yards.
Retford United's first team manager was present to watch the game... not all NCEL 'gaffers' make that kind of effort, except for a few cameo appearances here and there, so fair play to him.
It was nice to have a chat with 'Willy' and to catch up with Mr Geary again. No doubt we'll be assigned to beat a game where Del isrunning things from the bench again, in the near future too. If the onset of a forecasted wet and windy Autumn and Winter doesn't tempt me to stay indoors more often with the heating cranked up.
I'm getting far too old to want to be out shivering my bits off and getting soaked to the skin these days.
FT: Badgers U19 1 v Retford United 1
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A great advert for the North Midland U19/U21 Development League, all told.