Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Retford United 2 v Sheffield FC 1 - WVH NMU19L

Tuesday 9th May 2017
Worksop Van  Hire North Midland U19 League
At Cannon Park
Retford United (1) 2
Zach Casburn 8, 51
Sheffield FC (0) 1
James Hastings 56
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Tonight Sheffield travelled to Cannon Park with just ten players, which included a goalkeeper playing outfield, while United only had one substituted and his knee was heavily strapped up.
Retford's opening goal was a bit of a fluke, but they all count. Zach Casburn didn't get much power behind the ball as he nudged it towards the visitors goal, which wrong footed the 'Club' keeper, who having arrived at the edge of his box to make a clearance kicked nothing but fresh air, as Casburn's knock rolled under his foot and trickled into the back of the goal.
Liam Bennett and the Badgers captain Olly Presley both went close to adding to the Badgers score before half time, but least said soonest mended and I am glad that I parked my car to the side of the ground, instead of just over the wall behind the goal.
HT: 1-0
Declan Heath rolled a sideways pass to Casburn in the 51st minute and he had no problem connecting with the ball this time as he Smashed it past Gamble from twenty five yards out.
James Hastings was having a good game for the visitors, but Hicks was looking at ease in goal for Retford and denied the visitors number 10 with a great tip over his crossbar.
But in the 56th minute, Hastings beat the home keeper when  a clever lob from eighteen yards out, dropped just inside the left hand post.
Casburn was unlucky not to claim his hat trick as he rolled an angled shot across the face of the goal and wide of the left upright, Cam Evans saw his shot deflected past the post... and that Bennett lad who lives next door to me, missed another sitter.
Sheffield almost forced a draw near the end, but this time Hicks got the better of Hastings again and turned the ball over at full stretch.
FT: Retford United U19 2 v Sheffield FC U19 1
Footnote added Thursday 11th May 2017
News bulletin posted on the WVH NMDFL Website:
The NMDFL are advertising for a new League Registrar for next season and the seasons beyond.
The role is a vital one and requires to be filled as a matter of urgency given that the current registrar Pam CROWNSHAW is retiring at the end of this season and the person who the league had appointed to succeed her is no longer available to do so.
Please if interested could you contact any of the committee inc Secretary David Clarke, e-mail dclarke1204@yahoo.co.uk.
Please could all league members share this on there social media pages and spread the word, this is a key role in the remaining success of how the league is run and it will need to be filled well before the start of next season for obvious reasons. Thank You.
Author: Jonathan Wilson