Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Mansfield Town 0 v Rotherham United 2 - Central League

Both first team managers survey the scene
Tuesday 25th April 2017
2pm Kick Off
Central League
at Kirklington road, Rainworth
Mansfield Town (0) 0
Rotherham United (1) 2
Trialist 35
Darnelle Bailey-King 75
Attendance 75
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End of season stuff, played out in a bitterly cold wind (they didn't put all of those wind turbines up around Rainworth for nothing) howling across the Kirklington Road pitch, that preceded the storm of Biblical proportions that arrived right on the full time whistle... I had hailstones as big as a horses knackers bouncing on my car roof as I drove back home to Emmerdale, I'll tell ya Mr Wilkes! 
I suspect that I might not be leaving the house again for another game later tonight, because I'm old, cold and nesh.
For the record, Rotherham won this afternoon courtesy of two very well taken strikes... and I don't really think that there is very much that I can add to that.
Any further comment would merely be a ham fisted attempt to big up an extremely uneventful game up, in a vainglorious attempt to make it sound more interesting than it really was.
Don't try this at home kids, but even if you leave one in your deep freezer overnight until it solidifies, you still can't really polish a turd... so I won't even try.
See you all in Shirebrook tomorrow night for the CMFL North game between FC Bolsover and Clay Cross Town.