Friday, 23 October 2015

Staveley MW 3 v AFC Mansfield 1 - HKL NMU21L

Friday 23rd October 2015
HKL North Midland U19 League
at Inkersall Road, Staveley
Staveley MW U21 (2) 3
Reece Treasure 30, 41
Ryan Watters 58
AFC Mansfield U21 (1) 1
Sam O'Malley 39
Admission £2. Programme £1. Attendance 155

No match report tonight, because I'm travelling to Portsmouth at 5AM tomorrow morning for the Stags game... and knowing the propensity of our designated driver to fall asleep at the wheel whilst caning it down the outside lanes of motorways, I figured that one of us really ought to make the effort to be wide awake and alert enough to deal with the impending white knuckle ride and it's inevitable scarey consequences, so it's straight to bed for me.
The Bulls Under 21 side have improved since last season, but the Welfare's League Cup winning side have added a few outsiders to their ranks from other clubs, since their last campaign... and they looked good value for their win tonight.
FT: Staveley MW U21 3 v AFC Mansfield 1