Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Sheffield Wednesday 4 v Mansfield Town 1 - Capital One Cup R1

Tuesday 11th August 2015
Capital One Cup (Football League Cup) Round 1
at Hillsborough
Sheffield Wedenesday (2) 4
Santos Joao 13, Semendo 19,
Lee 53, Sougou 84
Mansfield Town (1) 1
Ryan Tafazolli 45
Admission £12. Programme £3.
Attendance 14,021
inc. 1,236 in away end and a few Stags in South Stand too
Stood up straight he's six foot eight, that's bigger than your goalie
When he scores for Mansfield Town we all think that he's holy
Twenty minutes into this cup tie and the Championship side are already two goals to the good, so I'm busying myself composing songs for the Quarry Lane End at Field Mill to sing that are slightly more wordy and cerebrally challenging than that "M-T-F-C!" (clap, clap, clap, clap) one they do now.
I think Ryan Tafazolli is actually only six feet and five inches tall, but eight rhymes better... and besides football songs don't have to make sense or be constructed around any kind of logic.
For example, both sets of fans sang at some point tonight about being "by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen" with a great deal of gusto but not even a trace of irony.
And at least one end of the ground was chanting "Yellows!" in support of a side who were dressed in black shirts.
Corban Shires - 17 year old centre half
making his first team debut for the Stags
But hang on a minute, I might not just yet have to invent things to fill a few column inches and write irrelevant crap like you have read thus far, just to fill up my requisite five paragraphs minimum, because towards the end of the first half, Ryan Tafazolli arrived right on cue to half the arrears and give the Stags fans some hope that they might come out and make a go of it after the break.
And until Kieran Lee made it 3-1 on 53 minutes, you could tell that Mansfield had their 'massive' opponents rattled for a while there.
Adam Murray's side, with some notable absentees from Saturday's starting line-up, did at least keep the ball on the deck and play football, creating a few chances along the way and they did receive some compliments from the Owls fans sat around us in the South Stand.
But 3-1 was a fair result and I couldn't grumble at that, even if the actual outcome of 4-1 was a bit flattering to Sheffield Wednesday.
Once the home side banged the fourth nail into the Stags coffin lid and began to show off with their ball retention drills and passing triangles (which were fairly ineffective, boring and in their own half anyway), it was time to find something else to do to while away the last few minutes, until the referee put the game to sleep as it lumbered on towards it's (always) inevitable conclusion.
At the end of the day, Wednesday were clinical in front of goal and Mansfield needed to be more ruthless when their opportunities came along.
I know! That star spotting game; that's always good for a laugh innit.
I nudged my slumbering spouse... "Look, I can see Roy Hattersley and Uriah Rennie sat a few rows in front of us" I enthusiastically chirped.
"Roy Hattersley? Which one of them is Roy Hattersley?" she wearily replied.
I gave up on that idea, they're not exactly identical twins, are they!?
And so I failed, four paragraphs that you were daft enough to pursue right up until the bitter end, is all that I could muster.
Mansfield saved some of their first picks until Friday night's game at Meadow Lane, so that's bound to be much better... watch this space.
Tonight's highlight? They played the Ramones over the public address system when the teams came back out for the second half.
Hey ho! Let's go!
FT: Sheffield Wednesday 4 v Mansfield Town 1
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