Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Shirebrook Town 2 v Ollerton Town 1 - PSF

Wednesday 1st July 2015
Pre Season Friendly
at Langwith Road
Shirebrook Town 2
Lee Whittington 10, 82
Ollerton Town 1
Jamie Charlton 86
Admission £3.
Attendance 112
A game of three halves.
Three half hour segments that is.
A sensible arrangement between the managers and match officials, on what was officially the most scorching hot day on planet earth, since the Big Bang itself.
Both manager's Chris Millington of Shirebrook and Dave Winter of Ollerton, have been busy recruiting two very useful looking sides, who should both do well in their respective leagues this coming season.
 Several players who turned out tonight were only on trial and haven't put pen to paper for any specific team as of yet, so I won't name names.
But there was one individual involved who I know as fact will have trained with and/or played for at least three different clubs in the space of a few days.
Obviously 'A. Trialist' doesn't have any problems with his stamina.
Lee Whittington provided to final touch to a good passing move, when he headed home the opening goal after ten minutes.
He'll be a good acquisition for Shirebrook, particularly alongside his new strike partner Jamie Smith who looked very sharp tonight too.
The home side looked very lively early on, but in such strength sapping heat, they weren't ever likely to maintain that sort of tempo for the whole duration of a pre season practice game.
Whittington scuffed a 20 yard free kick wide of the mark midway through the second period, but found his range with 8 minutes remaining, when he doubled Shirebrook's lead with a sweetly struck effort from the same distance, that left Shaun Taylor grasping air..
Central Midlands League side Ollerton, deservedly pulled a goal back when Jamie Tryner cued a chance up for Jamie Charlton to calmly put the ball past Dale Sheppard.
Charlton nearly equalised right at the end, but his effort came back off the post, while at the other end, Whittington was only a whisker away from claiming a hat trick on his debut.
A decent work out for both sides all told.