Thursday, 8 May 2014

Glapwell v Thorne Colliery - Rain stopped play

Thursday 8th May 2014
CMFL North
at Hall Corner, Glapwell
Glapwell v Thorne Colliery
POSTPONED - Waterlogged pitch
This promised to be a half decent game, between two of the better sides in the CMFL North.
All was well when I set off just under an hour before kick off, but then the skies darkened, the heavens opened and the roads (and a few mentally unstable drivers) made the relative short journey to Glapwell, err ... 'interesting'.
The heavy rainfall over a short period of time left puddles of standing water all over one half of the pitch.
Match referee Kevin Guise had a look and told Glapwell to try sweeping the puddles away in the worst affected areas and said he'd have another look in half a hour.
They tried their best.
15 minutes after the scheduled kick off time, Mr Guise and his assistants emerged, still unchanged and said that if the pitch was playable the game would go ahead and it would consist of two 35 minute halves.
But after a cursory look, they decided to call the GAME OFF.
Both teams were out warming up and raring to go and it must've been especially galling for Thorne who'd travelled over 40 miles, in torrential rain, after work, through the busy early evening motorway traffic, to get to Hall Corner in time for the scheduled kick off time of 6.30pm. While poor old Glapwell had to refund all of their gate takings and, I assume, still fork out for the match officials fees and travel expenses.
While I was having a brief chat with the Glapwell manager Carl Vickers after the game, it started to rain again, which would only have made the already saturated pitch even worse, so although everybody present was very disappointed with the decision not to play, at the end of the day, all told, postponing the game was the correct thing to do.
At least I'm home in time to watch some of those episodes of Masterchef that I've Sky plussed, while I've been out and about on my travels.
Who would've guessed I have a keen interest in and fondness for food, eh?