Wednesday, 5 March 2014

England v Denmark - International match

Wednesday 5th March 2014
International match at Wembley Stadium
England (0) 1
Daniel Sturridge 82
Denmark (0) 0
Admission £various, Programme £6, Attendance 68,573
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Hart, Johnson, Smalling, Cahill, Cole (Shaw HT); Henderson (Oxlade-Chamberlain 77), Gerrard, Sterling (Townsend 86), Rooney (Welbeck 60), Wilshere (Lallana 58); Sturridge (Milner 87)
Schmeichel, Jacobsen (Juelsgard ht), Agger, Kjaer (Bjelland 62), Ankerssen, Larsen (Kusk HT), Sloth (Zimling 62), Kvist, Poulsen (Olsen 81), Krohn-Dehli, Bendtner (Rasmussen 62)
Details to follow ... Motorway misery and another late night ahead.
If you're the fecking imbecile who decided that putting a shopping mall right next door to Wembley Stadium was a good idea, my other half salutes your locationary prowess ... and the builder who is going to have to add an even bigger shoe cupboard extension onto the back of my house, is very grateful for the extra work too.
However, my bank manager and I are currently on your trail and when we find where you are hiding, you stand a very good chance of getting a good kicking.
(Above) The 'instantly recognisable' England heroes of 1966 as depicted on the plinth of the Bobby Moore statue. Personally I can only pick out John Noakes, Johnny Ball and Julius Caesar, but beyond that I'm struggling.