Monday, 30 September 2013

Czech. Republic v Rest of the World XI (repeat showing by special request)

No campaign would be complete without another appearance from these guys.
For the benefit of those of you who aren't fluent in the Czechoslovakian tongue, the first song is a surreal tale of a mysterious man-eating monster (Jožin z bažin which translates as Joey from the Swamps) who lives in the swamps and could only be defeated with use of a crop-duster.
On first view, it might appear as if the English subtitles on this YouTube version I've managed to unearth, are some kind of tongue in cheek 'piss take'. However loyal reader (I've seen the stats and know that there is still at least one of you left), these are the bona fide and 100% genuine original lyrics.

A more up to date outing of Ivan Mládek and Ivo Pešák performing together, can be found here, wherein Pešák takes on the lead vocals whilst the now sideburns-less Mládek, merges into the background, playing the banjo amongst the backing band:

Sadly, I have to report that Ivo Pešák, passed away a couple of years ago, in Prague, due to complications following bypass surgery, he was aged just 66.
Once again, for non Czech Republic lingo speakers, here are the lyrics to this second musical masterpiece:
My grandma doesn't like when I am watching hockey on TV, she switched off the TV and I am wild. My grandma is evil.
She doesn't like when I smoke tobacco-pipe, she destroyed it and my heart breaks. My grandma is evil.
She doesn't like when I drink Brandy, she made it empty and now I have to drink alcohol free drinks. My grandma is evil.
She doesn't like when I sleep wearing shoes, she hit me in the nose and I now is inflexed. My grandma is evil.

Evidently there is a great deal that we in this country could learn from the Czechs as regards sartorial elegance and humour.