Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Harworth Colliery 2 v Newark Town 0 - CMFL North

Wednesday 21st August 2013 
Central Midlands League (North)
Harworth Colliery (0) 2
Lloyd Wilkinson 59
Ryan Paczkowski 61
Newark Town (0) 0
Admission £3, Programme £1, Attendance 50+
For the record, the match report below was written by Rob Waite for the Harworth Colliery website, hence it is written almost exclusively from a Harworth perspective. 
For a completely different angle on the game, here is Newark Town's version of events Newark Town website report written by Rick Lane, both overviews are roughly as accurate as each other, but each concentrates on events as they affected the team the respective writers are connected to.
Harworth Colliery:
Mark Latham, Jordan Hardman, Simon Brewster, James Woodward (c), Martyn Gee, Chris Belshaw, Ryan Paczkowski, Lloyd Wilkinson (Makenzie Tomlinson), Lewis Hilton, Gareth Sides (Lee Edmondson), Tom Pick (Matt Smith).
Unused Subs = Ross Taylor, Josh Forbes
Newark Town:
Chris Riley, George Paling (George Pearce), Danny Purves, Aaron Martin, Luke Parsons (c), Jamie Brookes, Sam Bagworth (Daryl Price), Sam Wilford (Tom Mallinson), Callum Fraser, Ben Porter, Dom Swingler.
Unused Subs - Sam Gregory, Reece Self
Last season's League Cup tie between these two sides, was a very tight affair that was decided by a solitary goal scored by Newark's Ian Hillier. 
And during a very similar nip and tuck first half tonight, it looked as though this game would pan out to be a bit of a stalemate, where the first goal would also prove to be decisive, if indeed there was ever going to be one.
However, after the half time break, Harworth came out firing on all cylinders, upped the ante and took hold of the game by the scruff of the neck (cliche overload warning activated).

The internationally (Facebook) famous Lloyd Wilkinson has been getting a bit of stick via the match ratings selection committee at Harworth Colliery this season thus far, but tonight his running and graft, surely meant that whoever is selecting the stinker of the week 'award' will look elsewhere, because in my humble opinion, Lloydy was fairly high on the list of candidates to be awarded 'man of the match' tonight.
But that particular decision is out of my hands.
It was good to see Martyn Gee back in Harworth's colours again and busting a gut to keep up with the pace of his first proper competitive game in a while. Another quality signing to bolster the Colliery sides impressive looking squad still further.

Competition for places and selection headaches for the gaffer is good news all round.
It's a long season and everyone is going to have a part to play and will be revved up to take their chance to claim a regular spot in the team when their time to shine comes along.
With Dean Bonser and Jonny Bownes absent again, the under rated Lewis Hilton and camera shy Ryan Paczkowski looked impressive too, linking the midfield and attack together, while Tom Pick dragged his defensive markers all over the place, before he was rested to give the sadistic Ben Dixon a chance to rough him up in the technical area.
While I could go on and on I won't; suffice to say there wasn't a single player in the Colliery side who didn't stand up to be counted throughout the whole 90 minutes.
The work rate throughout the team and willingness to dig in for each other, was what won the night for Harworth.

Both Lloyd Wilkinson and Ryan Paczkowski ended the night with a star turn of a goal and an assist apiece, though the 'supporting cast' of James Woodward and Lee Edmondson deserve a mention for the their part in the build up to both goals too.
It is also worth noting, that within three minutes of Edmondson entering the fray, Harworth had scored twice in quick succession ... not a coincidence as it happens.

Of course, there wasn't just one team out on the pitch tonight and lets not forget that Newark Town are one of the better sides in the CMFL North as they showed at times ... and I think that the referee Martin Edwards warrants praise for the way he let the game flow, particularly as he had to work with the 'ugly sisters' of Kev Blackburn and Paul Beswick running the lines for him.
Other players who might feel they're missing out by not getting their praises sung in this report, should take note that this only because I'm now getting used to them putting in consistent top drawer performances, which have become the norm of late and its reached the point where I wouldn't expect anything else from them, so I have to look elsewhere for improvements throughout the team.
The full backs, the ever reliable goalkeeper and two wide players will know who I mean.
When you look at the quality of the players on the bench and those who didn't even get selected in the squad of sixteen tonight, it says a lot for the way this team is developing fast this season.

Ben Dixon duffing Tom Pick up
Optimism abounds at the Recreation Ground ... and rightly so.
Good to see a few more people turning up to see what all the fuss is about too.
For the record, if I was doing the match ratings tonight, there would be a few 10's, but lets wait and see what this week's guest 'rater' has to say on that subject and who he makes 'man of the match'.
Rob Waite