Saturday, 6 July 2013

Alfreton Town 1 v Birmingham City 3 - Friendly

Saturday 6th July 2013, at North Street (AKA the Impact Arena)
Pre Season Friendly
Alfreton Town (1) 1
Kristian Ramsey-Dickson 4
Birmingham City (2) 3
Olly Lee 20
Chris Westwood 32
Andrew Shinnie 47
Admission £10, Programme £2
Attendance 793 (inc. 425 in the away end)
Weather ... Scorchio!!!
Frequent and sensible stoppages for re-hydration purposes were order of the day.
Alfreton's press box/match announcer got the team details very late in the day, but still made the effort to hand write and photocopy the lines ups ...
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