Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Harworth Colliery U19 0 v Basford United U19 2 - NMU19L Div 2

Wednesday 10th April 2013
at the Recreation Ground, Scrooby Road, Bircotes
Harworth Colliery U19 (0) 0
Basford United U19 (2) 2
Joe Brothwell 11, 30
Admission £2 inc programme. Attendance 21
Harworth line up as per team sheet
Basford United:
Josh Downie, Lewis Selby, Tom Teece, Conor Naylor, Luke McKeag, Josh Rae, Scott Bailey, Jack Hodson, Dan Jackson, Joe Brothwell, Rhys Plackett
Sub - Kyle Keetley
My final Harworth Colliery Under 19s game of this roller coaster ride of a season (I had already made plans ages before next weeks final league game at Buxton was rearranged), ended in a two nil victory to NMU19L Division 2 leaders Basford United.
I've seen this Basford side in action quite a lot this season and they usually play a fast tempo, passing, pressing attacking game, that benefits the quartet of quality attacking players they have to choose from.
But tonight, they played things a bit more direct, with an extra defender, which worked perfectly for their big striker Joe Brothwell, who claimed two goals, both from quality strikes, inside the first half an hour.
It was good to see Glenn McPherson, who had resigned as Harworth U19's manager earlier in the season, watching this final home game from the touchline, even if he was on the wrong side of the fence.
Glenn told me, he sometimes can't view THE66POW on the computer in the school he works at, whenever I use profanities, so with that in mind, the rest of you please ignore the rest of this sentence while I say ... Glenn you lanky tw@t, you can't fucking well read this now, can you?
I hope that now he's had some time out, Glenn decides to carry on in management somewhere next season, because he's a natural and cut out for the job.
And though he works well as part of a team with Hasan Hussein, it needs to be said, that Has came into his own and impressed me no end with the way he's kept things going since Glenn left, stamping his own way of doing things all over the job.
Sometimes, Has is really funny when he least means to be, but that is not meant as a criticism ... and it certainly makes for a happy dressing room.
Hopefully one, or even both of them, will be at Harworth next season, but whatever the future holds, its been a pleasure to work with them both ... jointly and individually.
I personally happen to think, in view of the great job they've done at Harworth and the reputation they've built for themselves, that they'll probably get snapped up by a club from higher up the football pyramid at the end of the season and they've earned and deserve the opportunity to try themselves out at a higher level ... and I'm sure that they would do very well. But from a selfish point of you, I want them both to be at Harworth Colliery FC next season.
Good luck whatever you decide to do guys, but you've got to do what is best for yourselves in the long run.
Anyway enough of this slushy sentimental crap ... and back on with the game.
Dan Jackson should've put the game beyond Harworth's reach, but he missed an absolute sitter just before half time when Jack Hodson set him up with a cross from the left wing.
I assume that must have been a different Dan Jackson to the one who wrote all over Harworth U19s Facebook page, about what he was going to do tonight then? ;-)
In the second half, both Daine McGrain and Connor Gresham had chances to reduce the arrears and get Harworth back into the game, but the bounce of the ball denied both of them.
The current trend of giving teams a goal or two start and then clawing the game back, backfired this week.
Enzo Guarini, took matters into his own hands when he cut in from the left and drilled a low and hard shot towards the inside of the near post, but Josh Downie got down well to deal with it and pulled off a great save.
This Basford side will do well in the NMU19L Division 1 next season, with Wayne Scott and Steve Hawley at the helm. Their approach, meticulous pre match preparation and conduct were a credit to their club and a few other club officials in this league would do well to follow their example.
And they've got some real quality players in their ranks too (including the Facebook pest).
Anyway, good luck to the Harworth team in the final game of 2012-13 at Buxton next week and apologies for my absence.
All of your pre-season targets have already been achieved and Harworth Colliery now have a great nucleus of young players coming through the ranks for next season (and beyond).
Finish the season off in style lads.