Friday, 22 February 2013

Coming soon to a self indulgent, bullshit blog with added football content.

This week, the Ant Hill Mob and myself, will be jumping in the 'Roaring Plenty' AKA 'Chugga-Boom', listening to Pixies songs en route and rescuing Penelope from the Hooded Claw at the following pit-stops:
Saturday 23rd February - Gainsborough Trinity v Wrexham - FA Trophy SF 2nd leg
Monday 25th February - Basford United v Matlock Town - NMU19L Div 2
Tuesday 26th February - Glapwell v Harworth Colliery - CMFL Floodlit Cup SF
Thursday 28th February - Retford United v Handsworth - NMU19L Div 1
We've got your card marked Sylvester Sneekly!