Monday, 14 January 2013

Harworth Colliery FC Race Night

Sponsors required.
It will cost you:
£25 to sponsor a race
£5 to own a horse
£2 to sponsor a jockey
8 Races are available to sponsor in advance, plus there will be an auction race at the end of the night, that I've already sponsored..
All 8 winning horse owners will get a bottle of spirits each and all 8 winning jockeys will get a bottle of wine apiece.
Many thanks to Beechy, Robin and the adorable young ladies who will be accompanying them, for putting on this event for Harworth Colliery FC.
For those of you who don't know, they're the people behind staging many a successful fund raising event for Retford United Football Club.
Their generosity in offering their services (free of charge) to help out a neighbouring club, is absolutely brilliant and quite humbling
Harworth Colliery are an ambitious Central Midlands League (North) club with some big plans for expansion and ground redevelopment in place.
They have recently invested in solar panels at the Scrooby Road, Recreation Ground, which required a considerable outlay.
But they're seen as a long term investment, to help with the cost of providing electricity for both the football club and the other sports facilities at the Bircotes based complex, that are used by the wider community as a whole.
We have a forward looking and hard working committee, who are ready and willing to seize the moment and push the club up the non league pyramid, back towards to dizzy heights of the Baris NCEL (where they used to play in the not so distant past).
Alan Carr laughs out loud at the joker in the Jonny Wilson mask
To that end, we are arranging a series of fund raising events, not only to help  to fulfil those ambitions, but to enable the football club to sustain themselves financially, when the time arrives to take a step up.
And it will.
Be it at the end of the current season, or at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future.
On the pitch, the first team are achieving some incredible results this season.
In all competitions, they've just chalked up nine wins and a draw from their last ten games.
Off the pitch, a lot of work has been put into getting the club into the position it is now in, but everybody on the committee realises that the really hard work is about to begin in 2013 and I'm happy to report, that each and every one of us is pulling in the same direction.
So, it's time to get those sleeves rolled up and lets get on with it.
There is no time like the present.
Please support our fund raising events in any way you can.
Thanks in anticipation :-)
As regards the race night on February 8th, we're looking for people to either own a horse at £5 a time, or sponsor a jockey for £2.
So don't be shy, contact me if you want to get involved, you will be helping a good cause and there are 16 prizes up for grab.
Even if you don't win, it'll give you a nice warm inner glow, knowing that you did your bit.
However small and insignificant any donation might seem, it all adds up.
So go on!
What have you got to lose?
If you are interested in sponsoring a race, but don't want the hassle of chasing up owners and jockeys, then we'll look for ways of filling the vacant berths for you.
Likewise, if you sponsor a race but only have a few runners and riders, any vacant slots will be available to people in attendance at the Welfare Hall on the race night (all welcome to attend, even if you aren't a sponsor), so please don't let that put you off.
The best Harworth Colliery Under 19s team ever. The first team players of the future and a very important part of the club's infrastructure.
Contact me ASAP if you want one of the horses and jockeys we've got available, for one of the races that are taking place over the course of the night.

Any sponsorship (and input) will be gratefully received and will go towards, what we hope, is a good total raised towards the clubs funds from this event.
ALL funds raised will go directly to Harworth Colliery FC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Reposted from 30th December 2012

FOOTNOTE 14th January 2013
All 8 races, plus the auction race, now have sponsors, but a number of horses and jockeys are still available.
Ta very much to the following race sponsors:
Race 1 - Clay Lane Construction
Race 2 - Retford United Supporters
Race 3 - Sassy
Race 4 - GJ Photography
Race 5 - Hasan Hussein Ltd
Race 6 - JMN Property Solutions
Race 7 - GD Joinery
Race 8 - The Unicorn Hunters
Race 9 - Auction Race - THE66POW