Thursday, 29 November 2012

Worksop Parramore XI 4 Sheffield FC XI 5 - Lee Whittington Benefit Match

Thursday 29th November 2012
at the Windsor Food Service Stadium, Sandy Lane, Worksop
Lee Whittington Benefit Match
Worksop Parramore XI  (2) 4
Sheffield FC XI (2) 4
Admission, £5
Attendance, I expected more
Lee Whittington Benefit Match details 
Chris Waddle
Upon entering the ground, I thought that Parramore's Max Ross had morphed into one of those stereotypical Liverpudlian 'Scouse' characters off of the Harry Enfield show; but it transpired that he hadn't actually converted into an Evertonian after all (note the distinction at this juncture, Liverpool fans don't come from Liverpool, Everton fans do), but he looked like that because he was involved in the annual 'Movember' fund raising and event. 
Either way, it's a very becoming and rather striking appearance Max.
Personally, I'm waiting for Fanuary, when hordes of eager females are letting their lady gardens get out of control and waxing them in a handlebar shape fashion at the corners.

Two quality goals
Amongst the 'celebs' who turned out to support Lee Whittington tonight, besides those on the pitch, were a good few local players and managers, including Worksop Town's finest ex manager Peter Rinkcavage.
It's a real shame that he wasn't actually playing, but modest as ever, I'm sure Rinky didn't want to steal the show from his old mate Darren Bland, who nearly weighed in with a goal himself.
Parramore's number 9 was a little Bland
This was an entertaining enough game, staged for a good cause, on a freezing cold night, which deserved to attract a good few more people through the turnstiles. But the majority (though by no means all) of the Worksop town fans who said they would flock to Sandy Lane to watch Parramore games when their own team wasn't in action, given the role that their landlords played in the Tigers returning to the town, haven't exactly kept their word.
Which is a real shame.
That is my opinion by the way, not anybody else's.
Not that it's my place to question anybody's actions of course.
But, just a thought, it wouldn't hurt some Tigers fans to consider where their club might be, or more to the point might not be, if it hadn't of been for Peter Whitehead and Worksop Parramore FC.

However it was good to catch up with some of the Worksop Town fans who did make the effort.
Peter Whitehead - Top bloke!
Chris Waddle, party guest and star turn for the night, showed he still has the same ball distribution skills he always had and it was great to see him back on Sandy Lane, where he'd played the best football of his long and distinguished career.  Nobody expected him to tear around the pitch after all these years. 
But, having said that, he always did things at his own pace, throughout his career anyway.
Martin McIntosh weighed in with two great goals, no doubt implementing the goal scoring skills he picked up while he was at Mansfield Town, but he wore gloves! Hmm, I s'pose he was associated with Hibs for a while too, so he probably picked up a few 'big Jessie' traits while he was there.

The pitch was srtarting to freeze over towards the end of the game, which won't have helped some of the older, tired legs out there, but we all managed to get home before hypothermia set in.
A great gesture by Parramore to help out an injured player
I hope you have a full and speedy recovery Whitto.