Thursday, 25 October 2012

Retford United U19 8 v Arnold Town U19 1 - NMU19L Div 1

Thursday 25th October 2012, at Cannon Park
North Midland U19 League Division 1
Bobby Johnson 17, Luke Walker 26, 68
Reece Thompson 40, 53 pen, 88 pen, 90  
Jack Munn 75
Connor Scott-Parkin 57  
Admission £2, Programme £1, Attendance 64 
Retford United:
Jack Aldred, Adam Holdsworth, Jack Munn, Bradley Capsticks, Jason Swannack, Alex Colton, Shaun Nesbitt, Reece Thompson, Luke Walker, Bobby Johnson, Sam Hutchinson
Subs - Adam Ellis, Josh Sharpe, Joel Marson, Matt Mitchell, Zak Oxby
Arnold Town:
Tom Dudley, Macca Bayliss, Jack Norris, Connor Scott-Parkin, Ashley Goodard, Luke Jordan, Jordan Knight, Corbi Brown, Marcus Fletcher, Tom Shelbourn, Tom Lee Collier
Sub - Matt Clark
Thanks to Alex Tittcomb, Retford United teen idol (idle?) and Albert Graves, Arnold Town ambassador, for the team line up details.
Albert Graves, is one of the nicest guys in Nottinghamshire football, a complete gentleman and credit to the team he was representing as Secretary at Cannon Park tonight, namely Arnold Town Under 19's. 
Which is in stark contrast with the behaviour, attitude and application of that very same team.
The match referee must have a right bloody headache tonight after all the verbals he's had to put up with from some of the mardy arsed, bad tempered and back chatting visiting players.
Both teams got exactly what they deserved out of the game. Retford weren't put off their stride at all from start to finish and Arnold got spanked for being petulant and naughty lads.
Arnold Town, in common with Southwell City last week, will now be able to testify, that turning up at Cannon Park and combining spoiling tactics with numerous attempts at trying to goad this Retford United side into retaliating to cynicism and gamesmanship simply isn't going to work.
It took 17 minutes for Retford to open the scoring, through Bobby Johnson, who is also making a name for himself with the Badgers first team after returning from a very short and ill advised spell with Winterton Rangers.
Johnson nearly added a second a few minutes later, but he fired narrowly wide after weaving his way through the Arnold defence.
Shaun Nesbitt found Luke Walker with a long throw in and Retford were two in front on 26 minutes.
Reece Thompson added a third before half time, when he thumped the ball into the net via an outstretched Arnold defenders leg.
Half time - Retford United 3 v Arnold Town 0
Arnold hadn't really got going at all in the first half and even looked disinterested at times, but after the break, particularly when Retford had scored their fifth goal, the visitors didn't impress anyone at all, with the nature of some of their late and heavy challenges, poor sportsmanship and bad loser mentality, which was a shame to see given the standing in local football of a few people I know at the Oxton based club.
Reece Thompson was fouled inside the Eagles penalty box. "I got the ball!" protested the Arnold transgressor ... which ball? Reece's left or right one!?
Thompson got up and put the spot kick away.
There are times when Reece Thompson looks like he's on the verge of having a go back, but he's keeping his temperament in check well of late, which is good news for Retford United but spells danger for opposition defenders. He thrives on having an element of edge and needle to his game, but he is channelling his aggression in a positive way this season.
Out of the blue, Arnold won a corner. Retford's defence seemed to have fallen asleep due to a long spell of inactivity and Tom Shelbourn flicked the ball on for Connor Scott-Parkin to pull a goal back.
But a comeback now was about as unlikely as me getting out of going on a shopping expedition to Meadowhall with the blond Beelzebub tomorrow morning :-/
Bobby Johnson went on another mazy run through the Arnold back line, Tom Dudley blocked the shot and recovered well as Reece Thompson homed in to take advantage of any slip. Luke Walker broke through the defence next, but he shot narrowly wide.
So a few minutes later he eliminated the complications of another run into the visitors area and smacked the ball home from twenty yards out instead. 68 minutes gone and Retford were now 5-1 ahead.
In the 76th minute it was 6-1 when Arnold struggled to clear their lines from a corner and Jack Munn put in a 'block tackle' to score from close range.
Reece Thompson added a seventh with two minutes to go, with a penalty kick which was virtually identical to his first one. He then burst through into the box in the final minute to score his fourth and Retford's eighth goal of the night.
Full time - Retford United 8 v Arnold Town 1
And yes Mr Williams, I spotted the quip about Harworth's pitch in your programme notes ... very funny!
You are welcome to mow it yourself next time, if you really think it would help you secure anything more than a fluky, narrow win again :-p
Mind you, there were some great photographs in tonight's issue. 
And the next one too if you're hard up enough to have to use them.
Next up: Saturday 27th October 2012, Sherwood Colliery v Harworth Colliery Institute, CMFL North, 3pm