Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Harworth Colliery Institute U19 1 v Retford United U19 2 - NMU19L League Cup

Wednesday October 10th 2012
at Scrooby Road Recreation Ground
North Midland U19 League, League Cup
Harworth Colliery Institute (1) 1
Daine McGrain 21
Retford United (1) 2
Jack Munn 44, Luke Walker 88
Admission £2, Programme £1, Attendance 43
Report from Harworth Colliery website, written by Hasan Hussein 
Fill the rest in y'selves!
I don't really have anything to add to what's already been said in both teams, respective, official website, match reports ... which, it must be said, in both cases, are refreshingly frank, honest, magnanimous and spot on, 100% accurate. 
It's good to read both sides of the story from different perspectives. 
That said they're not exactly poles apart.
In fact, I'm suspicious that Has and Rich both had detention in the school library this lunch time, compared notes and cribbed off of each other.
If you want to know the questions ... buy a programme!
I'm friends with a lot of people who are connected to both clubs, there are even certain similarities between the sponsorship detail pages in both the Harworth and Retford Under 19's match programmes. 
So I'm sitting on the fence so much at this juncture, that I'm going to need a volunteer to pick the splinters out of my well rounded backside any time now.
Tonight's game provided an intriguing tactical battle, which at times, was far removed from the passing, pressing and attacking game both sides usually play. 
I did however, enjoy watching how the players from both teams adapted to the systems implemented by their managers and coaches over the course of the game.
Obviously, I'm gutted that Harworth lost, especially given the timing of the winning goal, but good luck to Retford in the next round of the League Cup, when they take on either Matlock Town or Dunkirk at Cannon Park.
Pre Season photo shoot rehearsal
In closing, two things:
1) Apologies to Tom Hogg, the Harworth keeper. 
The bright light's from the sports facilities behind your goal, completely ruined the photo I took of your outstanding tip over save, when Luke Walker looked odds on to score with a close range header.
2) There were 6 bookings tonight, two for Retford and four for Harworth. 
I thought Tom Sowden's yellow card was harsh and Gareth Bonner's was completely unbelievable. 
But the referee had a team of assessors present to watch him and had to do everything, strictly by the letter of the law; when, I suspect, under different circumstances, a quiet word instead of reaching for the book would've sufficed.