Friday, 27 July 2012

Staveley MW U19 1 v Chesterfield Youth Team 0 - PSF

Friday 27th July 2012, at Inkersall Road
Pre Season Friendly
Staveley Miners Welfare U19 (0) 1
Ross Goodwin 55
Chesterfield Youth Team (0) 0
Free admission, no programme etc
During the first half, the play was mainly concentrated down at the end of the ground where we were standing, AKA the one Staveley were defending, but Tam West in goal (who I believe used to play for Chesterfield), marshalled his box well and was alert to any danger the visitors created, while his defence dug in and doggedly held out against a blue tide.
The home side were pegged back for long spells, but were well organised and seldom looked like being breached, in spite of Chesterfield's persistent foray's into the final third.
The young Spireites did see one effort rattle against the bar and another fly wide of the mark.
But Staveley reached the half way point, having stood firm in spite of the visitors determination to attack at will.
Half time 0-0
Percentages wise, the second half was a far more evenly balanced affair ... and once Ross Goodwin headed the ball home in the 55th minute, to net the only goal of the game, Neil Cluxton's side visibly grew in confidence and stature and we were still blessed to see the lion's share of the ball down at the end of the ground where we were still stood. Lets call it the Lazy End for argument's sake, because it's where idle buggers like me who don't want to venture too far from the bar stand.
Chesterfield pushed for an evasive equaliser late on, but the second half switch in tempo and shape had won the day for Staveley.
There were a few stand out performances worthy of note, but I'm not up to speed with the names of the new influx of players at Inkersall Road as of yet, though I'm sure I'll soon catch up given how much time I spend here.
As for the Chesterfield team, well, though they had a few good lads on board who can obviously play a bit ... it's not in my nature to worry myself with the ins and outs of who any of them were, or what goes on at that particular football club ... once a Stag, always a Stag n' all that.
THE66POW 'crew', spent most of the game in the pleasant company of Barry R Dyke, a cameraman of no small repute.
Doubtless, by the time you've read my inane rambling tonight, he'll have a whole stack of infinitely better photo's on display on the Staveley MW Facebook site, than the feeble collection grossly amateur blurred snap shots I've offered you.
I put my camera away, it was feeling quite emasculated by the size of his lens.
Final score, Staveley MW 1 v Chesterfield 0, thus ending my personal run of drawn games.