Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Yorkshire Main 3 v Harworth Colliery Institute 3 - Yorkshire Main won on penalties - CMFL Floodlit Cup North

Wednesday 18th January 2012, at Edlington Lane
Central Midlands Football League Phoenix Trophies Floodlit Cup North
Yorkshire Main (1) 3
Osborne pen, Cooper or Latham OG???, Hinsley
Harworth Colliery Institute (1) 3
Nugent, Edwards, Stuart
Score after extra time 3-3
Yorkshire Main won 5-4 on penalties
Admission £3 inc. programme Attendance 'fluctuated'
Kick off 7.45pm match winning penalty scored at 10.31pmCup tie football at it's primitive best, incorporating a crisp January night and a heavy pitch.
Yorkshire Main drew first blood - and there was quite a lot of blood drawn tonight, all in the name of sport and honest endeavour you understand - when Leon Osborne fired Main in front from a 7th minute penalty.
Rumour has it that Mansfield Town have been monitoring Osborne's performances.
It wouldn't surprise me in the least if several other teams were watching him too, because with the ball at his feet he's a class act, who could definitely do a job at a much higher level of football's pecking order than the CMFL.
Yorkshire Main - all red, black trim

Harworth were level within four minutes when Mike Nugent thumped the ball home right footed from 25 yards out.
Jordan Pickering came close to adding to Harworth's total when he fired narrowly wide.
Jordan is one of two Retford United Under 19's players who was turning out for Harworth tonight as part of his development, Bobby Johnson being the other.
Neither of them seemed unduly phased by the physical side and pace of the CMFL and passed a tough test tonight, against one of the better sides in the league, with flying colours.
Alistair Plant will do just as well if and when he's called on too.
It's a good link up, which the two neighbouring Bassetlaw clubs both stand to benefit from.
Harworth CI - orange shirt and socks, black shorts

Following a 'heavy challenge' cum '50/50 ball' incident (depending on which bench you were on), halfway through the first half, Harworth's Craig Anderson had to go for several stitches in a nasty gash on his leg, after he was 'caught' just above his knee.
His club secretary took him to Doncaster Hospital and that really nice Rob bloke who does that 66pow blog, took over keeping times and names for the visitors until Simon returned ... so any inaccuracies are all my own work.
Leon Osborne fired narrowly wide with Mark Latham at full stretch, John Morgan pulled the ball right of the visitors goal after cutting in from the left and Ryan Evans had his shot smothered on the line by the Harworth keeper as the Edlington side pushed forward.
At the other end, Jordan Pickering had a goal bound free kick headed off the line right on the stroke of half time.
Harworth launched the first attack of the second half, but Jordan Pickering, having done the hard part of getting into the box and working himself an angle to shoot from, put the ball high and wide of the mark.
Michael Sides hit the ball straight at Mark Latham when he was clean through, then shortly afterwards Lee Isaac looked odds on to score when he sprang the offside trap and homed in on the Harworth goal, but he miscued his shot and put his effort well wide.
Kev Shelley found himself in a great position in front of the Main goal, but just as he cued up his shot, John Tunney managed to get in a last ditch tackle.
On the hour (I know I often sat that, but this one was genuinely smack on 60 minutes), Luke Edwards fired Harworth ahead from the right hand side of the box.
And on 73 minutes, James Stuart put Harworth even further in front with a quality strike from 30 yards out and ran away to celebrate with the big white rabbit that was following him all over the pitch.
Yorkshire Main looked broken and beaten, but then Mr Jinx, the Harworth secretary, returned from the hospital and the home side clawed their way back into the game with two late goals, the second of which was scored just as the referee was about to blow the final whistle.
In the late exchanges it was sad to see Leon Osborne having to limp off the field unable to carry on, but in the absence of their best player, Main pulled the score back to 2-3 amidst an Alamo type scramble where either Mark Cooper or the visitors keeper Mark Latham got the final decisive touch to the ball and then pulled level with the last kick of the 90(+) minutes through Luke Hinsley.
Though the timing was fortunate the finish was excellent.Extra time was punctuated with players dropping like flies with cramp.
An eminent sports scientist in our midst told me that cramp is caused due to a lack of hydration and fluids, fascinating stuff, eh!? ;-)
Bobby Johnson wrong footed three Yorkshire Main players in the middle of the park to create a chance for Harworth, it was great to watch, a moment of brilliance, but I fear that there are some defenders in this league who would've taken offence at being shown up like that ... and though I'd never want to see Bobby lose that aspect of his game, he would do well to get some extra padding around his ankles, just in case a slightly less talented opponent ever went out looking to bring him down a peg or two.
On 90 minutes, before extra time kicked off, a few of the crowd left and went home ... there is one school of thought that says they must've thought it was a league game that had finished at three apiece and a less generous one that suggested they probably had 10pm curfew restrictions to adhere to.
Whatever their reason for going was, I feel compelled to say, those 'Edlo' lads are no bother to anyone, their presence at Yorkshire Main makes for a lively but often amusing atmosphere and they're all friendly and good natured.
Kev Shelley spots up the first penalty kick

30 extra minutes failed to separate the two teams and the game went to a penalty shoot out decider.
With both sides having put away their first three penalties successfully, Harworth's captain Martyn Gee stepped up and put his attempt over the cross bar.
At four apiece, Dave Tracey was entrusted with the final kick that would put Yorkshire Main through and he made no mistake.
An agonising way for Harworth to lose, but there was still plenty of handshakes and back slapping between the two teams after the game.
It had been a bit feisty at times and no place for the faint hearted, with a few strong challenges flying in, but afterwards it was all forgotten about.
I think it's time that the FA forgot about the mandatory pre match handshake and made teams line up and get together after games instead.
Finally a word about the referee tonight ... shocking!
Everybody has an off night every so often ... and at least Mr Kiecz was consistently shocking both ways.
I've definitely seen him handle games better than he did this one ... err, that's all!
Penalty shoot out

It was sad to hear that at the Harworth Under 19's Mini Shield game at Scrooby Road tonight, Dinnington Town's Rob Fenton had turned awkwardly and badly broken his leg.
Hope you aren't as badly hurt as it first seems Rob and that your recovery time isn't anywhere near as long as is being initially suggested.
For the record, after a break in play while Rob received treatment and was taken away to hospital, Dinnington went on to win the game 8-2.