Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Glapwell 1 v Harworth Colliery Institute 3 - CMFL North

Wednesday 28th December 2011, at Hall Corner
Central Midlands Football League North
Glapwell (1) 1
Jordan Johnson 21
Harworth Colliery Institute (0) 3
Kev Shelley 46, 73, Tom Pick 72
Admission £2.50 inc. programme
Attendance "Hmm, round about 60 or so", an estimate from a gentleman who is the authority on all things CMFL, so that'll do for me.

Weather report:
Strong winds, with occasional attempted rain showers.
However the rain did not amount to much because it was too damn windy.
Travel report:
Approach Glapwell via the more sheltered back roads.
A combination of strong gusts of wind and high sided vehicles have made things a bit dicey on the M1, to say the least.
Harworth CI

Harworth weathered some early pressure, as Glapwell started strongly with the wind behind their backs, but in spite of a few half chances, it was the visitors who had the first clear shot on goal when Tom Pick fired narrowly wide on 10 minutes.
The howling wind made keeping the ball down and playing passing football difficult at times.
Chris Belshaw's corner after 17 minutes, hung in the air for so long, the Glapwell keeper Craig Payne, had time to take two attempts to hold onto it.
Mark Latham did well to get down to a Josh Parfitt effort on 20 minutes and turned it away at the expense of a corner.
Richard Preston hit the resultant flag kick towards the back stick, where it went through to Jordan Johnson who fired the home side ahead.
The wind was dictating that all corner kicks would be destined for the far post.
On the balance of play, Glapwell were just about shading the game at this point.
The Harworth right back David Cornthwaite made a surging run down the flank on the half hour, but his pass through the channels towards Tom Pick and Kev Shelley, who had both timed their runs to beat the offside flag, was intercepted just in the nick of time and Glapwell cleared their lines.
With half time approaching, Glapwell's centre forward Josh Parfitt politely removed himself from the field of play, where he proceeded to, not to put too fine a point on it, chuck his ring up.
Possibly he was suffering from a bug and running about in the blustery conditions didn't agree with him, or he might just have over indulged just as much as the rest of us have over Xmas.
He returned to the fray just in time to see Kev Shelley hold off his marker, but have his shot on goal blocked at the other end of the pitch.
Half time - Glapwell 1 v Harworth CI 0
A minute in to the second half, the ball sat up nicely twenty yards out for Kev Shelley.
The prolific Harworth striker buried the ball past the despairing reach of Craig Payne, who didn't get anywhere near it.
Glapwell attacked again and Harworth conceded a free kick about thirty yards out, the home side continued to play and scored, but it was ruled out and the ball was brought back for the free kick.
Depending on which way your allegiances sway at this point (and I'm completely neutral ... sort of), either, i) the referee could've and maybe should've, played the advantage and in not doing so he denied Glapwell a goal, or ii) if the Harworth defence and keeper hadn't played to the whistle and stopped, they would still have been in a position to prevent a goal anyway.
In Rob Hornby's 'unbiased' blog report, see here:
he describes the incident as 'the turning point of the game'.
In my 'unbiased' blog report, I'm going to contradict him and say, half time was the turning point of the game, Harworth dominated the second half and the incident was a lesson for the home side about playing to the whistle.
Harworth secretary Simon Stones knocked out a few tunes
and entertained us in the bar
before the game

That said, though Rob will always unintentionally be (slightly) less unbiased towards clubs based within his beloved Mansfield/Derbyshire border axis, the same allegation could also be levelled at me regarding clubs that frequent the infinitely superior North Notts/South Yorks corridor.
In Glapwell and Harworth, you'd be hard pushed to find two clubs who fit that borderline criteria any better, so we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one and in the spirit of reconciliation I offer Mr Hornby the following compromise ...
"Sit down and shut up man!
The referee is always right ... ALWAYS!"
And for the record, if you play on after the whistle has sounded, ignoring the referee and then stick the ball in the back of the net, it could, in the eyes of a less lenient official, applying the letter of the law, be construed as a bookable offence.
Yeah, Harworth got (very slightly) lucky and Glapwell have a (very slight) case for feeling aggrieved, but these things balance themselves out ;-)
Tom Pick had a chance to put the visitors in front, but after doing the hard work put his chance high and wide.
Play switched back towards the clubhouse end and Jordan Jackson very narrowly beat the offside trap (see how these things even out in the end!?), but Mark Latham saved well.
On 72 minutes Tom Pick completely miscued his shot in front of goal, as the ever worsening wind began to make any attempt to control the ball more and more difficult.
A benevolent defender had exactly the same problem mastering the conditions and miss-hit his attempted clearance straight back into the path of Pick, who found the target at the second time of asking.
Within a minute, Chris Belshaw had sent Kev Shelley free with a defence splitting pass and the Harworth marksman scored his second goal of the night.
Craig Anderson fired over as the visitors looked to finish the game off, but by now the ball resembled a balloon blowing about in the wind at times.
Glapwell Ultras

In the words of Rob Hornby, a person I never (even slightly) disagree with, the game was "a bit one sided this half."
But Glapwell staged a late rally; Ross Murcott shot wide from long range and right at the death Mark Statham pulled off a great one handed save from one of the Glapwell subs.
The final whistle sounded and from my completely neutral vantage point (I was honestly only wearing a Harworth scarf to keep the wind out), I think I can say, without fear of contradiction, that the mighty Harworth Colliery Institute were worthy winners by a mile and a half ;-)
OK, in fairness, well done to both sides for putting on such an intriguing and highly entertaining game on a night when it had looked as if the only winner was going to be the atrocious weather.
The final word (as anyone who's ever met the old chatterbox would expect) goes to Rob Hornby.
He's collecting for charity at the games he attends this season, so please give generously if you see him on your travels.
Here are the details of his fund-raising effort from his 'Around the grounds 2011-12' blog.
Good luck Rob :-)
For the season 2011-12, I have decided to sponsor myself 25p a goal, towards new equipment in the Neurology Department at the Queens Medicial Centre Hospital in Nottingham.
Dr Whiteley is a top Epilepsy Doctor and has cared for me for over 21 years and though there is no cure for me, as I have 3 Grand Mal Fits a week, I feel it is a worth while cause.
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