Monday, 17 October 2011

Staveley Miners Welfare U19 1 v Handsworth U19 2 - Baris NMU19L League Cup

Monday 17th October 2011, at Inkersall Road
Baris North Midlands U19 League - League Cup 2nd Round

Staveley Miners Welfare U19 (0) 1
Nathan Linacre 78
Handsworth U19 (1) 2
Sam Smith 38, Pat Lindley 79

Admission £2 inc. Programme, attendance 70+
My first of two visits to Staveley Miners Welfare this week ... I really hope the weather is a whole lot better in a couple of days time.
Rumour has it, that the Autumn/Winter climate was so foul tonight, a family of Eskimos left at half time to go home for a warm ... but in truth, that is just a big fat fabrication, dreamt up by a fibbing blog writer to demonstrate how rotten the weather was ... those in the know will tell you, the Eskimos turned back when they reached Mastin Moor really ... and only the foolhardy continued with their journey to Inkersall Road.
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The best two North Midlands Under 19's teams from the last few seasons, coming face to face, was too tempting a fixture to miss.
I never even briefly contemplated staying indoors to avoid the wind and rain.
The waterproofs, fleece, thick socks and base layers came out for the first time (but probably not the last) this season.
In the event, I reckon it was worth it.
Staveley and Handsworth both ran themselves to a standstill in the strong wind, which to compound matters was interspersed at regular intervals with a combination of icy drizzle and heavy downpours.
Ah, never mind summer sports, this is the life!
The game set off at a frantic pace, with both teams scrapping to assert themselves in midfield, while battling against the blustery conditions.
Alex Torr, Handsworth's number 11, shot wide twice in the early stages, once from long range then again from short ... but neither effort unduly troubled Adam Ledger in the Staveley goal.
Adam Houghton and Brad Jones pushed the issue for Staveley, but an offside flag and some stubborn defending thwarted their efforts.
On 15 minutes, Handsworth's Jack Hall flattened Kurtis Morley in the middle of the pitch, with a heavy challenge, the referee showed Hall a yellow card and their was a stoppage while Staveley's physio assessed the extent of Morley's injury.
Morley had to go off and Harry Liver came on in his place.
While Morley was still hobbling round to the dressing room, Handsworth conceded a penalty.
Matt Langley ran up to take the kick; he belted it high and beyond the reach of Andrew Sneath in the Handsworth goal and, err ... beyond the turnstiles and just over the Citroen Xsara parked in the optimum quick getaway spot in the car park.
That was close, I won't leave it there again.
Game over for Kurtis Morley

Two minutes later, Staveley broke forward down the right wing, Trystan Brown set up Joe Bytheway, but he put the ball over the bar from half the distance that Matt Langley had just missed from.
Though it had been an even game up until the 'challenge' on Kelvin Morley, Handsworth could consider themselves to be a bit fortunate that the scores were still level now, after that brace of near misses..
But it was the South Yorkshire side who attacked next and Jack Hall had his header from a left wing free kick well held by Adam Ledger.
On 35 minutes the persistent drizzle was substituted for heavy rain and I was grateful that I was sat in the back row of the stand with a warm drink.
Staveley attacked through Adam Houghton who was brought down just outside the box.
The referee Chris Large waved play on, he must've been the only person who was unsighted in the whole ground, but his assistant Brittany Smith flagged him over and the decision was reversed.
Andrew Sneath saved Houghton's free kick well and played switched to the other end again.
Jack Hall was thwarted by Adam Ledger again, but on 39 minutes Jack Williams played a neat pass through the Staveley defence to Sam Smith, who's shot took a wicked deflection off Michael Cuckson and the Staveley keeper was beaten.
The home side strived to pull level before the break, but Andrew Sneath held firm until the players went in at half time ... when, of course, the rain vanished for ten minutes.
Richard Tootie sent Sam Smith on a run into the Staveley box on 53 minutes, Smith knocked the ball to Luke Broadbent but the Staveley defence were all over him like a swarm of bees before he could shoot and the danger was cleared.
A few minutes later Jack Williams screwed a close range effort to put Handsworth two in front over the bar.
Maybe the groundsman's mower had an oil spill in that penalty area this week ... either way, I'm definitely parking somewhere else on Wednesday ;-)
Pat Lindley and Sam Smith combined well, but Staveley closed them down again and went in search of an equaliser.
Adam Houghton, on the referee's blind side, got a whack in the face from Richard Tootie, but got up, recomposed himself and carried on ... he almost got his own back on the diminutive Handsworth left back when he broke free from his attentions on 65 minutes, but Andrew Sneath managed to block his shot.
Trystan Brown was fouled on the edge of the visitors box, but the referee waved it away, again. Maybe he has a phobia about awarding free kicks on the edger of the area?
Carter Mpawya, as skilful and entertaining player as you'll find at this level, came on as a sub for Handsworth.
His unmistakable frame - he is small but very muscular and bulky - was given a 'friendly' introduction, when two Staveley players hit him with a sandwich 'tackle' and left him flat out on the floor.
But the referee took the opportunity to even out the error he'd just made the other way (or so it seemed in my humble opinion) and didn't blow for a foul.
On 78 minutes Lee Anthony swung another dangerous cross into the Handsworth penalty area from a left wing free kick, the ball was cleared off the line, but Nathan Linacre was on hand to fire home the equaliser.
Though Handsworth are strong and well organised at the back, Staveley deserved a goal for all the chances they had created, particularly in the first half.
If it's solitude and peace and quiet you desire on a Monday night, turn up at an
Under 19's football match with a camera and start taking photos of the fold away
players tunnel. People soon start giving you your own space and a wide berth ;-)

But within a minute, the visitors were back in front, the ball was hoisted into the Staveley box as Handsworth poured forward in numbers, in the scramble that ensued scramble, the first player (?) to attempt to shoot scuffed his effort and the ball fell to Pat Lindley, who made no mistake.
This was a great cup tie, played in very trying conditions and it looked as though we would be treated to extra time, when Adam Houghton smacked the ball goal bound on 84 minutes from the cotner of the six yard box, but Andrew Sneath pulled off a great save to preserve Handsworth's narrow advantage.
Next it was Adam Ledger's turn to keep his side in the game, has he ran from his goal to intercept Sam Smith on the edge of the box in the nick of time.
In the very last minute, Danny Plant launched a long free kick into the crowded Handworth box, but Staveley couldn't break through their visitors 'all hands to the pumps' last ditch rearguard action ... and the ball was cleared for a corner that ultimately came to nothing.
The final whistle went, both sides had given everything, but Handsworth march on on the League Cup, while Staveley will probably win something else instead.