Sunday, 2 October 2011

Retford United 1 v Brigg Town 1 - Lincs. Intermediate League (North)

Kevin Swannack ... a panoramic view

Sunday 2nd October 2011 at Oaklands Sports Ground
Lincolnshire Intermediate League (North)
Retford United (1) 1 Rob Cummins 50
Brigg Town (1) 1 Ben Torn 89
Sam Hutchinson appears from behind a pile
of sports holdalls to take a throw in for Retford

Up bright and early today, because the young(ish) lady (sort of) in my life needed to get some work done this morning ... so it gave me the opportunity to get out n' about from under everyone's feet and head up London Road to the Oaklands Sports Ground, where one of Retford United's three Lincs. Intermediate League sides were entertaining Brigg Town.
Both teams had the same colour shirts on when the game started, but the referee stopped things a few minutes in, to make the visitors wear green bibs over theirs.
I'd run away from him too, if he shouted at me like that!

United looked the better side in the first half where they hit the Brigg crossbar three times.
It was very humid out on the pitch with no shade at all, but the referee sensibly called several drinks breaks when there were stoppages in play.
Half time came and went and the game was still goalless.
Early in the second half, Rob Cummins broke the deadlock and put the home side ahead ... he also scored in the 5-0 away win against Gainsborough Trinity last Sunday.
But there was to be no rout or high scoring win today, the heat and humidity was taking its toll on a few of the players and all out attack wasn't really an option in these conditions.
Brigg sensed that their opponents were tiring and hanging on to their one nil lead and they found that extra bit of effort in reserve, right at the end.
In the very last minute the referee awarded Brigg a free kick halfway inside the Badgers half. With seconds remaining the ball was pumped up into the United box where Ben Torn got a touch on it and diverted the ball home.
If Retford had pushed on when they still had the advantage, they would've won comfortably today, but credit where it's due to Brigg, for persevering right up until the final whistle.
Right on time, I got a text message just after the end of the game, informing me that my favourite member of the fairer sex (for the time being at least) could use my assistance a few miles away if I wasn't too busy ... so I jumped in my car, told her I didn't mind leaving the game early (I hadn't done) and demonstrated the chivalry skills and etiquette of a complete gentleman.
What a hero I funking well am ... ho, ho, ho.
Ben Torn - obscured in picture by Retford's central
defenders - fires home Brigg's late, late equaliser

Regrettably, I won't be able to get to my second game of the day now, namely Gainsborough Trinity v Bottesford Town at the Roses Ground over yon River Trent ... but at least I'm going to get a slap up feast out of it as my part of the bargain.