Monday, 4 July 2011

Teversal 5 v Kirkby Town 0 - Teversal Tournament Week 1 Match 1

(Above) Teversal 'Manor' Station that stands on the Teversal Trail, a labyrinth of footpaths adjacent to the Carnarvon Street ground and Teversal Grange.
It's a mocked up replica station on the site of the old one, which was never actually called Teversal Manor at all, just plain old Teversal.
No stone is left unturned by your 66POW investigative team in the pursuit of factual local insight.
OK, the truth is, I arrived far too early for tonight's game and went off gallivanting around the Teversal Trail to see if there were any panoramic ground view photo opportunities.
I *REALLY* am that bloody sad!
BTW Notts County Council claim that the local residents and historians are all wrong and that the station really was called Teversal Manor, but I've heard the lies the NCC try fobbing me off with when I've tried getting the pot holes in the road outside my house sorted, so I don't believe a damn word they say.
Breathtaking views, well worth the effort
David Bellamy eat your heart out
When I got into the ground I bumped into my old pal and all round decent bloke Keith Parnill from Teversal FC and he was showing me the swellings and abrasions on his hand that he'd got from coming into contact with the viscous plant life that surrounds Stade Tevie when he was retrieving a stray ball on Saturday during the Teversal v Carlton Town pre season friendly.
Bugger! I'm going to be up all night now worrying about these nettle stings all over my legs and what the side effects of hacking through all that Ragwort might be ... Eek! ;-/

Monday 4th July 2011 at Carnarvon Street, Teversal
Teversal Tournament Week 1 Game 1
Teversal (1) 5
(Gary Atkins 21, 73, Oliver Trigg 68, Mark Robinson 81, 89)
Kirkby Town (0) 0
Admission £2, Programme (for whole tournament) £1
Teamsheet free (Thanks Keith), Attendance 85
Half time 50/50 draw winner ... Rob Waite :-)
Ok, why is it the norm to do that?
I mean putting the half time score of nil in brackets thus (0) when it's fairly obvious that any team that reaches full time without registering any score hasn't score in the first half.
I concede, I have cow-towed to accepted convention and set in stone traditions at this juncture and am a complete sell out, incapable of thinking for myself. Check out the cliché strewn match report that follows this confession for further evidence.

Left click image for enlarged easier to read view

Kirkby Town finished last season on a bit of a high, stringing together an impressive run of results, so it was going to be interesting to see how they coped against opposition from a higher league tonight.
Unfortunately for the visitors, they've lost several of last years shining lights to other clubs and tonight's line up are going to take some time to settle and gel as a unit, while they get used to each other.
Teversal warm up by taking it in turns to push the dug out over

I've already stated previously that I think Kirkby Town could be pushing for honours in the CMFL Southern Division ... and despite seeing them get a bit of a going over in the second half by Tevie, I stand by that prediction. Even with 7 players making their débuts tonight, in Dave Winter they have the right manager to pick up where KTFC left off last season and fix it all together. I think Newark Town will run them close though (sorry Richard if I've just put the mockers on you too).
I really should get down to Tevie more often, it's only on the outskirts of Sutton in Ashfield, so it's not too far away from my North Notts homestead and they're a great example of what can be achieved at a local community club with a bit (i.e. an awful lot in truth) of hard work and dedication.
I've got friends at both of these clubs so I wasn't too worried about who won as long as it was a good game played in the right spirit, which it was as things turned out.
Malc Storer, the hairiest man known to mankind, and author of the excellent ON THE ROAD 2011/12 blog was present tonight and we had an enjoyable night watching the game together and sharing some very juicy and salacious (malicious?) gossip, that neither of us will ever be able to repeat, but it was very funny and disturbing all at the same time.
While we were in conversation two people came along at separate intervals to chat to us.
One was the very nice lady at Tevie who sells half time draw tickets ... I offered Malc first dibs on the next one but he declined and I bought ticket number 65 instead. The second was a scruffy little old man, wearing a worn out old Nottingham Evening Post baseball cap, who I think was trying to sell us a copy of Big Issue, I pretended not to see him and avoided eye contact. I'm sure I heard somebody call this old guy Brian while he was scrounging a cup of tea over near the 'Tevie Bar'.
By all accounts he's well known for such behaviour.
Anyway .. on with the match.
Teversal opened the scoring on 21 minutes through Gary Atkins, who latched onto a neat through ball from Colin Cockerill, the home side captain.
Though this is a pre season tournament, the game was competitive enough to warrant the referee, Craig Langton brandishing a couple of yellow cards.
There was an obvious gap in class between the two sides, with the NCEL side deserving their margin of victory, but on the half hour Tevie's keeper Scott Thompson had to pull off two top class saves in close succession to prevent the CMFL side from forcing an equaliser.
The teams went in for their half time break with just the solitary strike from Atkins separating them and everything still to play for.
But in the second half the roof caved in on Kirkby.
Danny Fields took possession of the ball in the right hand channel of the box and put over a pinpoint cross to Oliver Trigg, who knocked home Teversal's second goal in the 68th minute.
5 minutes later Trigg was involved in their third goal when he put the ball through into the path of Atkins who had the simplest of chances to put the ball past Dale Sheppard in the Kirkby goal to make the score 3-0.
You've got to feel a bit sorry for Sheppard who had put in a good shift tonight and had looked on top of his game. For goal number three it was a case of him having been left exposed to the threat Trigg and Atkins posed by his AWOL defence.
On 81 minutes Kirkby's Gary Doncaster got back to help out his keeper, but made a bit of a mess while trying to clear his lines and Mark Robinson seized on the slip to put Tevie four up.
In the last minute luck deserted Kirkby's goalkeeper again, when a long speculative shot, from Robinson again, scudded along the ground and wrong footed Sheppard, who couldn't prevent the ball nestling into the bottom corner of his net.
At half time I nipped out of the ground to get something from my car and heard a tannoy announcement saying that ticket number 65 had won the half time draw and could the winner please come to the clubhouse to claim their prize.
I also heard Malc shouting "Waitey, it's you again you jammy ..." (rest of sentence removed by vulgar language editorial department).
Ha ha ha, if only Malc had bought *that* ticket he'd have been richer now instead of me.
Towards the end of last season exactly the same scenario occurred at Arnold Town and Mr Storer missed out that night too, while I stuffed my winnings into my pocket.
He's never really quite got over that one and I'm now concerned that he's going to have to go into therapy to recover from my double whammy.
But I'm not one to gloat ... and I'll try not to torment him too much the next time our paths cross.