Monday, 11 July 2011

Teversal 2 v Staveley Miners Welfare 4 - Teversal Tournament - Week 2 Match 5

Tuesday 11th July 2011 at Carnarvon Street, Teversal
Teversal Tournament Week 2 Game 5
Staveley Miners Welfare (1) 4
(Shaun Tuton 32, Todd Jordan 70, Simon Barraclough 75,
Liam Kay 79)
Teversal (1) 2 (Gary Atkins 44, Oliver Trigg 71)
Admission £2, Team sheet free (Thanks yet again Keith)
Attendance 115

Above . 32 minutes on the clock and Shaun Tuton's heavily deflected effort
wrong foots Scott Thompson in the Teversal goal. One-nil to Staveley
Below. A dejected Scott Thompson moments later.
There was a massive portion of luck attached to the opening goal in the 32nd minute, when an attempt to charge down a shot from Staveley's captain and centre forward Shaun Tuton, deflected the ball beyond the reach of Scott Thompson, who had been going the right way and seemed to have the original shot covered.
But Teversal pulled a goal back to go in equal at the interval. With half time rapidly approaching, Sean Dickinson surged into the Staveley box and laid the ball across the goal for Gary Atkin to knock home the equaliser.
Staveley had tried, vaingloriously, to consolidate their lead, but Teversal weren't about to lay down and be beaten just yet and were giving as good as they were getting, all over the pitch.
In the half time draw I was nowhere near, it seems my luck has run out and I've had my solitary win for the season already.
Staveley on the attack

Personally, I reckon this pairing would've been the finalists this coming Saturday if the draw had kept them apart.
But it just wasn't to be for Teversal.
All things being equal either side could've taken the honours tonight, but Staveley were just that little bit more clinical in front of goal ... at both ends.
For example ... with the score locked at 1-1, Liam Wild powered a header towards the Staveley goal, Adam Ledger was well beaten, but the ball crashed against the crossbar.
A short while later Todd Jordan seized on a slip at the other end and put the Blues (playing tonight in a most fetching yellow kit with blue trim) ahead in the 70th minute.
Thus illustrating how tight it was and how narrow the margin between winning and losing is sometimes.
Football is all about 'if only' moments.
If only Wild's unstoppable header had been a couple of inches lower - If only Tevie had cleared their lines more effectively when Todd Jordan struck Staveley's second goal, it could have been a completely different story.

"You dancing?" "You asking?"

Just a minute after Todd Jordan had put Staveley back in front, the scores were level again. Oliver Trigg hit home the equaliser from the rebound after Adam Ledger had blocked the first attempt.
Unfortunately for Tevie, another momentary lapse in concentration at the back, allowed Simon Barraclough ample time to run into the generous space left wide open for him by the defence, where he calmly, almost casually, rolled home Staveley's third goal on 75 minutes.
The Big Issue seller came again tonight.
Teversal kindly provided him with a seat too.

In the 79th minute Liam Kay put the ball home to give Staveley a bit of breathing space with a two goal cushion at 4-2.
Although Kay was credited with Staveley's fourth goal, I thought from my vantage point that Reece Blake had a fairly good claim on it too and had got the final touch with a stooping header ... but I don't have to be as eagle eyed as the guy making the announcements do I?
So I'll give Mr K Newton the benefit of the doubt on this.
Kev and everybody else at Teversal have made a great job of organising this tournament, so it wouldn't be right for an unsighted old git stood at the far end of the pitch from the action to question the official announcements, now would it!? ;-)
With a few minutes remaining, Liam Wild found space and time to beat beat Adam Ledger again, but this time his weighted header cleared the cross bar. That just about summed up Teversal's night.
On the whole, Staveley just about shaded the game and deserved their victory, but the hosts had certainly given them a game of it.
So endeth yet another entertaining game at Carnarvon Street ... I'll definitely return again before the end of the week.
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