Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hatfield Main 0 v FC Tavern 0 - Doncaster Senior League Division 1

"Too see H-M-F-C, we'll even dig the channel tunnel.
When we're afloat on some big boat, we'll tie our scarves around the funnel"
Err ... oh right, it's a different HMFC today!
I didn't think it had taken long to get here.
The Scottish Cup Final was on TV, but I'd much rather watch the red hoops of Hatfield Main than the green hoops of Parkhead, ta very much!
Saturday 21st May 2011, at Dunscroft Welfare
Doncaster Senior League

Hatfield Main (0) 0
FC Tavern (0) 0

Admission free, no programmes,
attendance 60+ mostly congregated around the standing shelter near the bar
At half time the visitors had their team talk out out in the open, while the
referee's missus went on the pitch to discuss what to have for tea tonight.

Meanwhile some of us nipped off and got a large coffee and slice of double
chocolate cake for an outlay of just 80p ... highly recommended.
Taking into account extra time and penalties, this was only the third goalless draw I've seen all season on this, the occasion of my 135th game of the season.
Plan A was to head way out east to Easington United, but their CMFL fixture was a 2pm kick off and I was stuck in North Notts (a democratic republic that stands in between South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, North Lincolnshire and that bit of Notts that the CMFL committee favour over all other geographical areas it's member clubs come from - allegedly) until after 1.30pm, so I went over the M18 to Dunscroft and watched a highly competitive DSL fixture there instead, missing Easington's 10-1 demolition of Whatton United into the bargain, bugger!
Can't believe you missed with a free header from there?
Neither could anybody else who saw you mate :-p

FC Tavern edged the contest but couldn't find a finishing touch to put on the end of a flurry of attacking moves, especially late on in the second half (see above).
Neither team could be faulted for effort and it was an enjoyable enough afternoon spent in the company of several fellow non league supporting pals from around the area (no for the funking 1000th time - we are not ground hoppers!).
Elsewhere, there were two other DSL fixtures this afternoon.
Yorkshire Main's Doncaster League side lost 1-3 at home to Swinton Station Athletic (but I daren't go there - the rumours and speculation about how much time I'm spending around that particular club are spreading like pneumonia) and Travellers FC beat Adwick Park Rangers by 11 goals to 4. Ha, ha, ha, if I'd gone there I would have had to write up loads of notes and take far more pictures than I did in Dunny near Donny. That was a lucky escape then :-/
For a prank the Hatfield players nicked the goalposts at full time