Friday, 6 May 2011

Edlington Town 0 v Yorkshire Main 9 - Doncaster FA Challenge Cup Final

7pm. All men are equal

Doncaster FA Challenge Cup Final, at Rossington Main FC
Edlington Town (0) 0
Yorkshire Main (7) 9
(Luke Hindsley 1, Adam Watson 7, 17, 36, 81,
Ryan Evans 15, 79, Mark Cooper 20, 44)

Admission £2, Programme free

A complete mismatch between these two teams from Edlington village on the outskirts of Doncaster, but you'd probably have already worked that out for yourself.
On 52 minutes Adam Watson had another goal ruled out for offside and Craig Harris in the Edlington Town goal had a fairly solid second half, commanding his box well and pulling off a few quality saves. Will dot the i's and cross the t's presently ... I'm making my final preparations for tomorrow's trip to Wembley now
7.01pm. But some are more equal than others
Luke Hindsley (right of picture) opens the scoring within 60 seconds
of the kick off with a long free kick into the box that evaded everybody
Mark Cooper leaves the Edlington keeper for dead ... his effort then rolled
agonisingly across the face of the empty goal, but his team mate
Ryan Evans rushed forward to provide the finishing touch
So just how do you give a motivational team talk
when you are already seven nil behind at half time?
A quick lesson in how not to hoodwink a referee.
1. Ensure there is an opponent near you before taking a tumble in the box.
L to R. Yorkshire Main manager Dave Twigg - The Doncaster FA Challenge Cup