Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Yorkshire Main 4 v Bentley Colliery 3 - CMFL Premier Division

Wednesday 27th April 2011, at Edlington Lane
CMFL Premier Division
Yorkshire Main (2) 4
Adam Watson 3, Darren Bird
Bentley Colliery (3) 3
Calum Smith, Richard Smith, Mark Richardson
Admission £2.50 inc. programme (a bargain)
Attendance 80 plus
Early arrivals get the best vantage points and a programme too
Some people will have missed this pulsating local derby because they stayed at home to watch Real Madrid v Barcelona on the telly ... that is their loss!
I bet that Messi dude never completed his hat trick with a match clinching goal in the 92nd minute, did he, eh!?
More pictures and words will appear here presently
I felt compelled to dust down some Jimi Hendrix albums when I got home and sat meditating in my front room with the lights off.
It probably has something to do with standing down wind from Asbo Athletic FC's Under 19 team on the terracing at Edlington Road tonight and finding myself engulfed in a massive cloud of sweet smelling smoke ... youth *really* is wasted on the young.