Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kirkby Town 3 v Kimberley Town 0 - CMFL Supreme Division

Saturday 30th April 2011
CMFL Supreme Division
at the Summit Centre
Kirkby Town (1) 3
Ludlow 42, Holmes 74, Russo 78 (ish)
v Kimberley Town 0
Admission £3, Programme £1 excellent read, no wonder it's odds on favourite to win the CMFL programme of the year award ... and I voted for it too!

Attendance between 39 and 46 depending what time you did a headcount.
One tight git watched through the fence when he heard it was £3 to get in ... do some people think match officials pay for themselves and that the income required to maintain the upkeep of Non League football clubs grows on the trees at the bottom of their gardens?
News for you guys, the tooth fairy isn't real either!
Kimberley Town kick off in their very stylish all maroon strip

A bit of a lesson in percentages for the visitors, they had a lot of the play without getting any tangible rewards for their efforts (though Kirkby's keeper Lee Whittingham had a large say in that a couple of times), whilst Kirkby Town went ahead just before half time against the run of play then took advantage of two of the very few clear cut chances they created in the second half.
A game that was stuck in second gear for the most part, with a definite end of season cum practice match feel about it at times.
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Truth be told, Kirkby were a bit flattered by such a winning margin which didn't reflect at all just how much Kimberley had been up for it. The visitors, despite their lowly league position, have strung together a few good results of late, if they can carry that momentum and progress forward, I don't think they'll struggle next season.
They also have an amusing little group of followers who weren't shy in voicing their opinions, but were very amusing with it. There is sometimes a very narrow dividing line between what constitutes banter and abuse, but the Kimberley lot are well over the good natured side of that line.
Kris Watson shows how to evade a sliding tackle

Kirkby Town have a cup final to look forward to at Alfreton Town's ground on Sunday 8th May.
They were beaten emphatically in the CMFL League Cup semi final by Kinsley Boys, but it transpired after the game, that Liam Radford, a player who had been pivotal in the 6-2 win, was actually ineligible to play.
The CMFL committee took sanctions against Kinsley ... they were removed from the competition and Kirkby Town were reinstated and now face Yorkshire in the final.
By an ironic twist of fate, Kirkby Town travel to Kinsley Boys in a league fixture on May 14th.
That probably won't be one for the feint hearted!
It is always good to catch up with that hippy dude 'FredKirkbyTown', Katie Effcee, Andy Cruddace and all at Kirkby Town.
And despite an occasionally lacklustre game, we still had a good time on a bright and breezy afternoon at the Summit Centre ... and were suitably amused by Kimberley's travelling band of comedians along the way too.
Kirkby's Nat Watson in full flight

Thanks to Fred Watson for helping me to identify the players, I was too busy sampling the local brew prior to kick off, to track down a team sheet.