Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mickleover Sports 0 v. Worksop Town 1 - Evo-Stik Premier

WTFC - Sandy Lane
(re) open for business 2011-12

Saturday 19th March - Evo-Stik Premier Division
at Station Road, Mickleover
Mickleover Sports (0) 0
Worksop Town (1) 1 (Luke Beckett 15)
Admission £7, Programme £1.50, Attendance 247
This afternoon, the action was peripheral to the main event.
In so much as, some fantastic news was confirmed.
After three desperately thin years in exile, at Hucknall, Ilkeston and Retford, Worksop Town were going home and playing back at their old ground.
OK, it's as tenants to Sheffield Parramore FC, who will become Worksop Parramore FC, now their owner Pete Whitehead (a man with the greater good of football at his heart if ever there was one) has purchased the lease to the Sandy Lane ground, but the two most important boxes that matter to the Tigers fans have been ticked.
1) Worksop Town are going to be playing in the town of Worksop again.
2) Howard Raymond, one of the villains in the whole piece (the others will be outed in due course), is no longer connected to the ground in any way.
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead and all that.
There was a spontaneous and heartfelt round of applause in the Mickleover Sports club house when the Tigers chairman Jason Clark walked in before the game ... and rightly so.
Elsewhere, Mansfield Town held Luton to a draw at Kenilworth Road, in the second leg of the FA Trophy semi final, winning 2-1 on aggregate to book their place at Wembley.
For sure, the result is merely papering over a lot of cracks that need some serious attention over the summer, but ...
Of course it now remains to be seen if other people, besides Raymond, who must shoulder a chunk of the blame regarding how Worksop Town ended up going into exile in the first place, will now 'fess up and do the honourable thing, or if they'll just try covering their tracks while attempting to draw a veil over certain things that have happened.
Sadly, I suspect an unhealthy dose of self preserving historical revision is on the horizon, but fingers crossed that the truth will out, eh!?However, today isn't the right time for public outings, or finger pointing.
It's a great day for Nottinghamshire football; Mansfield Town at Wembley and Worksop Town going home.
Let the celebrations commence, in an unrestrained and monumental way (with the emphasis on mental) now!