Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Maltby Main 4 v. Dinnington Town 1 - NCEL Premier Division

To think I almost went home to watch Arsenal v. Barcelona on TV
and missed out on the joys of foggy old Muglet Lane tonight

16th February 2011
NCEL Premier Division, at Muglet Lane

Maltby Main (2) 4
(Rob Branagan 10, Paul Lavender 36,
Scott Whittington 72, Oliver Warren 85)
Dinnington Town (1) 1
(Mat Arnault 27)

Admission £5, Programme £1.50, Attendance 71

Finding myself arriving in South Yorkshire via the A1, from a harrowing trip up north, at around 7.20pm, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Should I:
1) Head home to an house full of noisy, happy people who seem to have taken root there of late (I will be evicting them all presently before they acquire squatters rights).
Or, 2) Head for those beacons of light illuminating the Welfare Ground on Muglet Lane, where nobody will mind if I rant and swear and vandalise anything that takes my fancy within a ten yard radius of my space, because everybody else there will be behaving exactly the same and treating such activity as mandatory requirements of entrance anyway?
Hmm, the latter sounded more cathartic and therapeutic ... and I can always go home to the happy camp once I've let some steam off and forgotten about my woes for a while.
MATCH DETAILS TO FOLLOW, Yadda, yaada, yadda