Saturday, 7 August 2010

Worksop Town 0 v Retford United 2 - Friendly

Home & Away
(Above) Photo courtesy of David Sluman, RUFC fan and beer monster.

A rather curious state of affairs, whereby Worksop Town chose Retford United as the opposition for one of the 'home' pre season friendlies that they've paid rent up front to stage this year ... and today the tenants at Cannon Park hosted a visit from the residents as a consequence.
Retford United's recent off field worries have been well documented elsewhere, so if you want to read about all of that stuff, then refer elsewhere.
I've got a lot of good friends both within the hierarchy at the club and amongst their supporters ... and even know a couple of the lads out on the pitch putting a shift in for the Badgers this afternoon quite well too.
I hear a lot of gossip and stuff, from very good sources, but I'm keeping schtum ... I won't be joining the queue of people wanting to put the boot in on RUFC while they're down (but by no means out) and I hope their recovery from all the recent turmoil they've had is both imminent and full.
There but for the grace of the guy from B2net n' all that.
Saturday 7th August 2010 - Pre Season Friendly
at Cannon Park, Retford

Worksop Town (0) 0
Retford United (0) 2 (David Hume 2)

Admission £7. Programme 50p. Attendance 230
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Of course, having only just finished playing at the Northolme some 40 odd hours previously, Worksop put out nothing like the team they'll be starting their league campaign with at Nantwich in a couple of weeks and they rested a whole load of first choice players.
That said Retford were hardly in a position to put out a settled line up either, given that their transfer embargo and match ban had only been lifted on Friday afternoon.
Above & Below. Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Bill Wyles
the RUFC Chairman. I'm not sure which one is which though???
Retford played in orange, their old away kit from a few years ago and Worksop, who will be playing 'home' games in orange shirts this season wore last years yellow shirts ... I hope you are following all of this - so you can fill me in as to what went on today some time ;-)
JJ heads away a Retford corner (another picture courtesy of David Sluman)

Without wanting to be accused of turning into cliché man, a scurrilous blogger who just repeats well worn phrases and sayings when he can't think of anything else to write, just let me say that ultimately the results from these pre season warm up games are not important in the grand scheme of things ... but then again, try telling that to any Retford United supporter present today who was relieved that their club had even managed to play a game at all, let alone beat that team from up the road who seem to have checked their own downturn in fortunes of the last few years over the past couple of months.
A few good men (and women) have fallen by the wayside keeping the Tigers from going under since they went into exile and it is very important that all of their efforts in striving to maintain the club's survival until Jason Clark came along and rescued Worksop Town FC from an unthinkable scenario are not forgotten.
Jermaine Jac ... Whoops! I mean Jamie Jackson

The first half was much of a muchness and as often happens in a lot of these friendly type affairs, there wasn't really a lot to write about for 45 minutes.
But at half time and still avoiding the drubbing many had predicted, the Badgers new management duo of Lloyd and Knapper buoyed their makeshift side into upping the tempo and effort in the second half and that is just what the visiting 'home' side did.
Taking the Knox

I don't know how Retford United have managed to get a player of the calibre of David Hume on board or how long he is destined to stay at Cannon Park (having heard the wage he allegedly commands, I know a few clubs more financially stable than RUFC were put off of signing him this summer because of the mathematics), but on board he bloody well was today and he took both of his goals very well.
I doubt if anybody who turned up at Cannon Park for this 'derby' match would've been expecting a final score like this, but credit where it is due.
The Badgers played well and worked hard for this win and I don't begrudge them their victory one bit ... though I always want Worksop Town to win every single game they play in, I wasn't too down hearted that United had won and given their supporters something to smile about this afternoon.
It was good top see Dan White in the heart of the Retford United defence having such a good game, his head must've been all over the place towards the back end of last season given the off the field distractions he had to deal with. He's a nice bloke and I hope he goes from strength to strength again this season, except in any league or cup games against Worksop of course.
Worksop lost :-( , but I think local football in general would've had a smile on it's face :-) when the result from Cannon Park was announced this afternoon.
Okay, that's quite enough of all this mutual love in suckiness ...
Come on Tigers, let's hammer these Badgers on Bank Holiday Monday!!!!