Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Nottingham UNITY 0 v Worksop Town U19 2 - Friendly

Half time entertainment
Comedian Bob Carolgyes telling jokes to the Worksop Players

Tuesday 31st August 2010
Nottingham Unity U19 (0) 0
Worksop Town U19 (0) 2 (Jack Morley penalty, Jason Ash)
at Gresham Sports Park, West Bridgford

We're indebted to Morris Samuels and his coaching staff at the Nottingham UNITY Project, Ritchie Hopkin and the people at Gresham Sports Park for putting this game together at such short notice.
The UNITY project has made great strides within the communities it represents and they do a very commendable job combating issues that go well beyond their football agenda, whilst producing some very talented young players into the bargain.
We were anticipating our league programme starting this week, but despite some clubs having started their league campaigns already, were left without a fixture.
It was felt that we needed a game to keep the momentum going before our first competitive game in the 'North Notts derby' at Harworth next week so we sounded a few people out about arranging a fixture at short notice.
It was great to get a call from Morris Samuels who invited us to West Bridgford and sorted out the use of the floodlit 3G pitch at Gresham Park.
From the off the game was played at a very quick tempo with both teams playing a flowing, passing game and not showing any shyness whatsoever about demonstrating any flicks or tricks they had in their arsenal.
UNITY and the Tigers both had several chances to go ahead during the first half, but the stand in goalkeeper Jason Markell (usually a defender this pre season, who has scored a couple of goals when getting up for set pieces) for Worksop had a very good game.
In fact, there wasn't a player out on the pitch, for either team, who didn't put in a competent display tonight.

To be honest (no disrespect lads), I thought tonight would most likely be something of a steep learning curve for the young Tigers and UNITY were probably favourites to win, but the Worksop team more than held their own against the Nottingham side and scored twice in the second half.
The first came from a Jack Morley penalty after two players tangled in the box, there was nothing malicious about the trip, but the decision was the right one.
Jason Ash then neatly put Worksop ahead with a goal that the UNITY coaches sportingly applauded.
Danny Briggs nearly got a third for the Tigers late in the game but shot narrowly over having run into a good position to receive the ball right in front of the goal.
A fantastic advert for Under 19's football was enjoyed by everybody who turned out to see it, but most importantly of all it was enjoyed even more by all the guys who actually played in this pre season warm up game.
I doubt if WTFC U19 will come up against more polite, helpful and sporting opposition than they did tonight all season ... and I would thoroughly recommend to any team who needs a game to contact Morris about getting it together with his lads.

There are those within the game in the county of Nottinghamshire who sadly would've been reluctant to play a game like this, due to the 'Gangsta' reputation of a few of the lads the UNITY project have integrated into their football project ... and no doubt others with far more sinister reasons for not wanting to get involved with UNITY too.
That is their loss.
Tonight football was the real winner regardless of the result.