Saturday, 17 July 2010

Worksop Town 2 v Sutton Town AFC 0 - Friendly

Saturday 17th July 2010
Pre Season Friendly
At Cannon Park, Retford
Worksop Town (0) 2 Michael Simpkins 49, Ben Tomlinson 75
Sutton Town AFC (0) 0
Admission £7, Programme 50p, Attendance 108
Worksop Town starting line up
Jon Kennedy, Scott Wharton, Chris Wood, Mark Camm, Luke Shiels, Michael Simpkins, Ryan Mallon, Niall O'Brien, Peter Knox, Danny Bacon, Chris Bettney
Subs all used
James Colliver, Rob Austin, Steve W@nkiewicz, Deon Meikle, Ben Tomlinson, Jamie Jackson, Daniel Simpson, Lee Whittington and the substitute goalkeeper (not on team sheet) was Adam Billard

Sutton Town AFC starting line up (Thanks to Mark Shaw for details)
Mimms, Sibson, Kay, Forbes, Shackleton, Hemsley, Gee, Hemsley, Camm, Menga, Jordan
Subs Peel, Under, Whitehead, Sykes, Hall, Hewitt, Gladwin, Stirland

Nail O'Brien!!?? Are you sure Keith?
And breathe in!
Sutton Town AFC of the Central Midlands Football League provided the opposition for this afternoon's first 'home' game at Cannon Park, Retford for the Tigers, as yet another ground share commences following previous stints at Hucknall and Ilkeston.
The current agreement is scheduled to last for two years and will mean a lot less travelling for the Tigers faithful ... and it's only a few minutes walk from my house too :-)
Who let the dogs in??

The playing surface at Cannon Park is looking better than it has done in absolutely ages, and when (if) the funds are released to build a breeze block wall around the pitch those 'wascally wabbits' who have made the pitch their own and caused so much damage will have to find somewhere else to live... hopefully not my garden!
Chris Smith - Turf Expert
Mark Shaw, immaculate as ever in suit that still had it's Asda sale tags on, said he hoped his Snipes side would give the Tigers a good game today to gauge how far his team had developed and they definitely did. in spells.
Though a 'home' win was hardly ever in doubt, Worksop didn't have it all their own way ... but on today's evidence the defence are gelling well together from the off and were a tight and stubborn unit all afternoon, which bodes well.
New boys Wood and Camm looked especially impressive on their first outing and Michael Simpkins looked solid on his return to the WTFC fold after a stint with Retford United.
Up front Peter Knox looks very strong. One of my friends at Harrogate Town says he had a thin time of it up there, so he'll no doubt be relishing a fresh start to re-establish his reputation.
Today he had a spot kick saved by Sutton's keeper Mimms and crashed the rebound over the bar, the training pitch and friendly matches are the place to do these kind of things.
This afternoon, Retford's caterers were able to assess how much food they were going to need when the hungry hordes from Worksop visit this season, they have asked me to post the following request, "Dear Stuart Eyre, could you please let us know in advance when you are coming again, so we can order some extra food in"
This afternoon's match referee was Matty Walsh, pictured
here while he was still a player with WTFC

Following a goalless first half Simpkins headed Worksop in front on 49 minutes and substitute Ben Tomlinson netted a second on seventy five minutes.
In the past I've heard some fairly horrific music and indecipherable mumbling emanating from the public address system at Cannon Park, but the 11th hour stand in with the microphone today didn't go in for any of that mullarky,
No mess, no fuss, keep it uncomplicated, play some decent tunes, any bugger can do it ... obviously!
And when an invasion of substitutes occurs around the hour, including several who aren't on the team sheet and who don't even got numbers on their shirts, the best solution is to leave the mic' switched off and nonchalantly shrug ones shoulders, innit!?
Ray Lucas will be back as master of ceremonies for the next 'home' game (at Shirebrook) and I'll be 'retiring', let's just hope he's left those David Essex CD's at Ilkeston's New Manor Ground.
Ah, Ray, he's so much more than a pretty face... "I don't think so!"
"And that's 11 subs in the 60th minute,
7 for Worksop and 4 for Sutton.

Have a bleedin' guess!"