Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tuesday 22nd June 2010 - red bibs v yellow bibs

Worksop Town Under 19's trials for the 2010-11 team.
At Manton Athletic Club, Retford Road, Worksop.

I know there is a very intriguing World Cup in progress, but it was really great to get back to some grass roots football tonight and regain a bit of perspective towards events going on elsewhere on planet football.
People playing the game for the love of it and others giving up their time for the North Midlands Under 19's League 2nd Division side because this football club is in their blood.
A damn good work out on a very warm evening, a great effort from everybody involved.
No manager losing the dressing room (there wasn't one everybody got kitted up out in the open), no players strike, no media hysteria and no egotistical big heads shouting their mouths off to hide their own shortcomings.
Back to the World Cup tomorrow, it's shaping up into a mighty fine competition ... but I enjoyed some respite from it and the camaraderie this fine summers night.

Who won?
Football did :-)